Unleash   Your   Passion   for   People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

ABOUT New Insights

Welcome this page about New Insights Life Coach Training.
We're delighted to have the opportunity to share a little about us.


Our Passion

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We're passionate about empowering people to become the best they can be.

And we know of know better way of empowering people than through the power of life coaching, when done well.

That's why we built a business around training people to become great life coaches.

Through them and their efforts we make a positive impact on the world.

Our Mission

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New Insights aims to bring greater personal freedom, confidence and growth to people from all walks of life.

We look to  achieve this through an international and independent network of well trained, equipped and certified  life coaches who are  capable of delivering amazing results for people who are committed to change and personal transformation.

Our Philosophy

Training that represents great value

At New Insights, we seek to provide our students, trainees and coaches with value that far exceeds the cost of our products and services.

We use remote based home study and online solutions  to ensure our life coach training and business opportunity is widely available at affordable rates.

We back this with good old fashioned, caring, personal and responsive service and support.

We will never compromise on quality of training or support.

Our Values

Ethics and Integrity

At New Insights we value honesty, integrity and respect for all we deal with. Most of all we value and uphold ethical coaching,

Ethics is – or should be – the cornerstone of our business and industry.

We've signed a commitment to business ethics - and we intend to operate by it!

All of our trainee coaches sign a life coaching code of ethics that binds them to coach ethically.

Our Product and Services

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"In a market that is crowded with life coaching courses, I strive to ensure that New Insights stands out for the quality of results that our trained and certified life coaches are able to achieve for their clients.

This requires our training programme to be of high quality, comprehensive, in-depth, easy to apply and yet still convenient and affordable for those we serve."

– Bill Burridge, MD


Operating nternationally

We have companies and distribution operations in both the United Kingdom and South Africa.

New Insights International is represented in the UK by New Insights Life Coaching UK Limited (company number 7596365 registered in England & Wales).

Our training and certification programme is, however, internationally accredited and made available world-wide and we support trainee life coaches located in many different countries around the world from as far afield as Canada,  the United Arab Emirates, Kenya and New Zealand.


Standing out

We're the first to admit that there are plenty of different courses on the market for aspirant life coaches.

So you're more than entitled to ask questions like:

"What makes New Insights different?"
"Why should I seriously consider trusting my life coach training to New Insights?"

Here are eight good reasons ...

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Our focus is exclusively on life coaching and life coach training, nothing else. It's our passion and we believe we're good at it!

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We've been established since 2003 in the UK and since 2007 in South Africa. We've been around, we know our business, we've produced results. And we're here to stay!

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Our training programme is designed around you and your lifestyle, not our agenda. Your study and practice in your own time and at your own pace from wherever in the world you choose. There's no requirement to travel or attend any workshops or seminars.

Do it your way!

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We've designed and refined our training so it is amongst the best in the business. Although it's in-depth and comprehensive, it's also easy to understand and apply. Best of all, it is still very affordable.

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We offer far more than just a course or training. Opt to license our acclaimed, done-for-you, Life Coaching System and you get one of the best home based business opportunities with an outstanding return on investment.

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We go beyond skills training to provide you with the support to plan, establish and market your practice through a series of excellent business practice support manuals.

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You get extensive printed skills training material courier delivered to you when you enrol and which is yours to keep. This is  complemented by full mp3 audio versions that you can access online.

You get the best of both worlds.

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We're passionate about people! We'll provide you with caring support as long as you are associated with us!


We have a long standing Facebook page. We have a YouTube channel and we're also on Linkedin. And more recently we have started an Instagram channel.

We'd love you to pay us a visit.

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Testimonials for New Insights

We're privileged to have trained some wonderful people and to have received some very special messages testifying to our training, both in written and video format.

We've featured many on our Facebook page and other social media sites but we also have a dedicated Testimonial page here on our website that you can take time to browse through.

All testimonials featured there are 100% verifiable.

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Bill Burridge is the owner and Managing Director of New Insights.

He's also the passionate driving force behind the company and its mission. Click on the button to learn more.

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