Unleash   Your   Passion   for   People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

THE BEST Home Based Business Opportunity ...

for People Who are Passionate about People

people who are passionate about people

There can surely be no better home based business opportunity than life coaching ... if you love working with people!

New Insights is unique amongst life coach training providers in offering a full blown business opportunity in a comprehensive, convenient and affordable package.

But before we get to that, just what makes life coaching such a
great business opportunity?



Life coaching is thoroughly results oriented, having a direct impact on real live people! 

Life coaches are hired by people who want:

  • to make a positive difference to certain aspects of their lives;
  • to achieve things and overcome challenges;
  • to get more out of life;
  • to learn how to live to their full potential.

Imagine the wonderful sense of fulfillment that comes from helping others to achieve their goals and grow and develop as people :-)



Life coaching is far removed from being a typical nine-to-five job.

This is what could be termed a ‘lifestyle business’ or a business for people who value being able to dictate their own lifestyle rather than having one that is dictated to them – as is the case with most regular jobs or careers in employment!

Life coaches can choose the number of hours they want to work each day, each week and each month. A coach can schedule coaching sessions to suit his or her lifestyle.

Obviously, more time spent coaching means more income at the end of the day but the coach has the ability to find his or her own ideal ‘balance point’ in this regard.


low cost

Most life coaches choose to work from home, avoiding the need for expensive premises and high monthly lease or rental payments.

As far as home based business opportunities go, this one must rank as one of the most affordable.

Setting up and running a life coaching practice can be done with the minimum of investment and overheads.

For the work from home coach probably the most expensive upfront investment required (apart from the training) would be a decent laptop computer, broadband Internet connection and quality headset. A reliable all-in-one print, copy, scan and fax machine is also good to have. Nowadays these are inexpensive.

On an ongoing basis, apart from the cost of any travel required, the biggest expenditure is likely to be in printing of coaching session notes and other stationery needs.

… Hardly what one would call a high cost business!



We are all unique as individuals and by extension every client the life coach sees is unique. It is this fact that ensures that life coaching is never boring or repetitive by nature.

Even really experienced life coaches will admit that each new client brings new challenges, new insights and new opportunities for his or her growth, both as a coach and as an individual.



A recent edition of International 'Money' magazine called life coaching 'The highest paid home based business opportunity.'

Life coaches who consistently achieve results for their clients, tend to get known around town, around the country, or even around the world very quickly!

With modern Internet technology (e.g. Skype) there is nothing (bar language) to stop a good coach from plying his or her trade anywhere in the world without even having to travel beyond the front door of his or her home!

Most really good life coaches are very well rewarded.

The New Insights Business Opportunity

With New Insights you get access to excellent life coach training underpinned by a comprehensive set of learning manuals that are delivered to you upfront and remain yours to keep as an ongoing handy reference.

Quality training, though vital, is only one element of this New Insights home based business opportunity.

Here's what else you'll get:

A structured coaching system

You won't have to stress about how to turn what you have learnt in training into high powered coaching sessions for your clients.

We've done all the work for you!

The New Insights Life Coaching System is a tried and trusted programme of fifteen sessions backed up with professionally designed series of  coaching and client session notes in both hard and electronic copy format.

The System is yours to use for practice coaching purposes while you are working to get certified. Once you become certified you will have the choice to purchase an annually renewable license to the continue using the System.

The System comes with a comprehensive guide to its use. 

As a bonus, we  also provide videos of  the simulated coaching sessions to help you better understand how to apply them.

With our System, you'll hit the ground running as a coach ... and you'll never look back as your clients will just love what you can do for them!

Great support for planning and marketing your practice

With this New Insights home based business opportunity, you'll also get access to material that is hardly touched upon by many life coaching schools.

You'll get:

  • A Business Plan template to help you construct an effective plan for your practice.

  • Selling your Services – comprehensive guidance on how to go about getting an ongoing pipeline of happy clients
  • A wealth of hints and tips drawn from over 15 years experience from New Insight staff and coaches, all bound together in a powerful manual called Winning Insights.

Being Part of a 'Family'

When you become part of this New Insights home based business opportunity, you never have to leave the New Insights family (unless you want to).

We supply attentive support throughout your training and we'll keep in regular contact once you have become a certified coach, giving you access to various special facilities and advanced training if you need it.

You'll be an independent operator in your own right (licensed to use our coaching system  if you so choose). But we'll always regard you as 'part of the family'.

SO, How DO YOU Get Started?

If this wonderful home based business opportunity that is life coaching appeals to you we recommend you do one (or more) of the following:

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