Unleash   Your   Passion   for   People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


FOR the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme


The enrolment process is considered to be complete once both the online registration form has been submitted and payment has been made, either of the full amount upfront or – in the case of Easy-Pay-Plan customers – the initial upfront payment or 'Registration Fee'.


Customers who enrol in the New Insights Life Coach Training and Certification Programme have the option to pay upfront or to pay with one of our Easy-Pay-Plans, which involve an initial upfront payment (the Registration Fee) followed by a series of equal monthly instalments over a chosen period.

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Upfront payment in full can be made either by EFT/direct bank transfer or by credit / debit card, or from a PayPal account.

Payment using our Easy-Pay-Plan facility can be made by credit / debit card or from a PayPal account.


Our Easy-Pay-Plans provide trainees with the convenience to spread their payments over a period of their choosing.

Although instalment payments are collected through PayPal's recurring billing facility, we do not offer the Easy-Pay-Plan option as a subscription that can be cancelled at any time.

Trainees (or their sponsors) are liable for full Programme Fee, whether or not the trainee chooses to complete the certification requirements within the prescribed time.

If PayPal is unable to collect an instalment it will attempt colllection again 5 days subsequently. If three attempts are made without success, then the trainee becomes liable for payment of the outstanding programme fee by EFT/bank transfer.

For instalment payments made late, the monthly payment cycle will be reset to the same day as the successful payment.

card processing and interface

New Insights International uses PayPal to process card and PayPal account payments on its behalf.Instalment payments are collected via PayPal recurring billing.

The secure interface between our website and PayPal is provided and managed by TotalBusinessCart (a subsidiary of 1Shopping Cart).

As stated in our privacy notice, we do not store credit card details, nor do we share financial details with any third parties.


We use couriers to expedite delivery of the printed training or 'programme material'.

Customers in the UK can, ordinarily, expect delivery of their programme material within 2-4 working days of completing the enrolment process.

International customers can, ordinarily, expect delivery within 5-10 working days depending on the remoteness of their location from the UK.

In the unlikely event that programme material stocks are depleted at the time of enrolment, delivery may take a little longer. In such cases we will inform customers accordingly.


We use Prontaprint based in Brighton, England, as our agents for managing the printing, packaging and distribution of our programme material.

Prontaprint, in turn, subcontracts courier delivery to various other specialist delivery companies.