Psychology or Life Coaching?

If you are passionate about human motivation and working with people to improve their lives then studying for a career in psychology is likely to appeal to you.

At New Insights, we don't offer courses in psychology. But we do provide world class training for what we believe is a truly progressive and exciting alternative ...

Coach and client

Psychology involves the scientific study of the human mind, including human thought, behaviour, development, personality, emotion, motivation and more.

The work of a psychologist often involves helping people to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health problems. This could involve overcoming addictions, managing anxiety and stress, and dealing with chronic health issues.

Psychologists will often diagnose mental health issues by carrying out psychological tests and evaluations that cover the intellect, cognitive ability, personality profiling and career aptitude,


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The simple objective of life coaching is to help people live  their best lives, and get the most out of life. 

Becoming a life coach involves focusing on the application of psychology in optimising human motivation and behaviour.

Life coaches work with mentally well and functioning individuals who want to be more, do more and have more from life.

We offer a simple car analogy to help explain the difference between what a psychologist does and what a life coach does:

If your car is malfunctioning you would take it to a qualified auto technician to diagnose the cause of the problem and effect the necessary repair to get the car back into fully functioning order.

On the other hand if your car is functioning well but you want to optimise it's speed and power output you would take it to a specialist in car tuning and performance optimistation, perhaps to fit a turbocharger or the like!

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As with psychology, becoming a practising life coach requires extensive training. However, the training is generally less academic in nature, more geared towards application in real life and therefore more life changing in its effect.

With an institution such as New Insights you can train remotely and in your own time and at your own pace, through our acclaimed and internationally accredited Life Coach Training and Certification Programme.

This involves comprehensive skills training theory and practical training that provides everything you need to start and sustain a career as a professional life coach. The best part is that this takes less time and costs a fraction of what it would cost to gain a degree in psychology.

The duration of the training will depend on you. Most New Insights trainee life coaches complete the programme within 9-18 months. A period of a year is a realistic objective to aim for.

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Life coaches, unlike their practising psychologist counterparts, are not governed by statutory regulation.

Although it is entirely voluntary, many certified life coaches do choose to join a reputable coach representative body such as the ACCPH and/or the ICR to promote their ongoing professional development.


At New Insights we're passionate about life coaching and life coach training.

In fact we specialise solely in training people, just like you, to become life coaches!

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Our Blog and associated Podcast contains hundreds of interesting articles all written within the context of human motivation and life coaching.

We've chose one we think is relevant when it comes to deciding whether a career in psychology or life coaching is the best match for you.

It's called "Life Coaching – Preventative Psychology" and we've included an extract below:

"We are living in paradoxical times.

We frequently read of the increasingly dramatic strides that are being made in our scientific understanding of physical and mental wellness, and of new drugs being developed to treat related ailments.

And yet, it seems very clear that there is an equally dramatic increase in the number and severity of physical and mental wellness issues facing the population today.

Focus on treating symptoms not prevention

The rationale for this apparent paradox is undoubtedly complex but it is hard to argue that a major contributor is the tendency for modern health practitioners to focus on treatment of the symptoms – rather than the prevention – of disease.

After all, we have evolved into a society that values finding a ‘quick fix’ to our problems over the long-term, disciplined effort needed to prevent problems arising in the first place.

If you’re not convinced of this, just consider the plethora of ‘miracle cures’ being advertised for everything from weight loss to depression. If people were not so easily taken in by the hyped up claims, such products would long ago have ceased to exist."

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