volunteer for free life coaching

Our Trainee Life Coaches are required to complete extensive practical work as part of their certification process.

You can benefit from free life coaching by volunteering to be a practice client. In doing so you will help our trainees.

It's a WIN - WIN!


IF I volunteer AS A PRACTICE client, what can i expect?

You should bear in mind that you will be working with a trainee life coach. As such your coach is neither qualified, nor experienced. So you should tailor your expectations accordingly.

The trainee will conduct life coaching in his or her personal capacity. Although this may involve use of the New Insights Life Coaching System, New Insights is in no way responsible for the quality of coaching or the outcomes that will result.


You may volunteer for one of the following:

  • Two initial sessions that involve life evaluation and goal setting; or
  • A full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions, typically run  over a period of 6-7 months; or
  • A one-off free-form coaching session to help you to address issues you may have or plan the way forward to achieve an objective.


Free life coaching is normally conducted using a VOIP technology such as Skype or Zoom, although face-to-face coaching can be negotiated with the trainee coach, only if it is mutually convenient to do so.



Our trainees generally do not charge for practice coaching. However, depending on the circumstances and your requirements, coaches may request a nominal fee to cover any out of pocket expenses they may incur.


Yes. Two important things:

1. New Insights offers this web page as a form of market where trainee life coaches and potential volunteer clients can post to try to connect with each other. As such we can not guarantee that you will be connected with a coach .

2. Posts, and comments on those posts, create individual web pages that may be indexed by the search engines. We therefore strongly recommend  that you provide only the detail that you are willing to disclose publicly. For example, you may wish to use only your first name and location rather than your full name and location.


To take up this offer of free life coaching you must be either a genuine volunteer client or a bona fide New Insights trainee life coach in good standing.

Then you can do one of the following, or both:

  • Start a new post below. There's a slightly different format required depending on whether you are a trainee life coach or a potential volunteer practice client.
  • Comment on an existing post to register your interest. Do this by clicking on the title of the post you are interested in. Don't forget to provide some form of contact detail.

Please post your details here:

Whatever you write in the title below will show up on this page as a link which a visitor can click on to reveal further details. You'll need to identify yourself as a client or a trainee, followed by your name and (optionally) your location.

If you are a volunteer practice client, please use the following format for the title field (we recommend excluding your surname if you include any sensitive personal information in the post):

CLIENT: First name, location

If you are a bona fide New Insights trainee life coach, please use this format (we need your full name to authenticate this):

TRAINEE: First name, Last name, location

View other posts

Below you can see the posts created by other volunteer clients and New Insights trainee life coaches. From time to time we delete posts that are older than about a year or that relate to trainees who have since become certified life coaches

CLIENT: Brad, Silver Spring, USA 
Would love to work with a coach in training on my Anxiety , and work life balance

CLIENT: Teresa, location withheld 
I would love to become a volunteer, and commit with a life coach trainer to achieve my goals. I am taking a course to upgrade my mind set and to have a …

Client: Rohan, West London 
I would like to volunteer for coaching with a trainee life coach.

Client: Georgia, London  
Hello, I am looking for a new career/job, but having difficulty identifying what I want to do. Ideally looking for a career coach. Thank you

CLIENT: Rohan, Acton 
I would like to be a volunteer life coach. I would like the practical side of life coaching as I am doing a course on mentoring and coaching. My name is …

CLIENT: Carol, UK 
Hi my name is Carol and I live in the UK. I am in need of a Life and Business Coach . i am also interested in becoming a Coach specialising in Greif.

Client: Martin, UK 
I struggle with self-doubt/confidence and it's been really holding me back in many aspects of life. Work, relationships and how I present myself have all …

Client: Denay, Altadena, California 
I am 61 single female who's life has been put on hold due to being the caregiver for my grandma for the last 10yrs. My job ended when my grandma passed. …

Client: Lisa, London 
Hi, My Name Lisa I'm based in London town. I wanting to get in touch as I certainly feel like I need a coach, mentor or just someone to talk to about past …

CLIENT: Louisa, Nottingham 
I'd really like to know more about having a life coach as I would really like some help with all aspects.

Client: Anthony, Lauder, Scotland 
Hi, I am looking for a coach that will guide me in all aspects of my life and how to make positive changes.

Client: Esther, Dorset  
Hi, I am feeling stuck in my current work role and feel that I can be so much more than I have settled for. I am dissatisfied and want a change.

CLIENT: Tanya- South East London 
I would like to put myself forward as a volunteer on your full-life transformation programme. I am currently experiencing negative belief patterns …

Not supplied 
Carla Looking for help to feel like myself again. I've been a mum since I was 17 and have never got to develop myself for myself. It's always been …

Client: Liam, Watford  
Change in career help needed, how to go about it. What is going to be a good change etc

Client: Sab, Alton, Hampshire  
Hello, I'm in need of someone who helps me adopt positive and healthy habits in areas such as my education (being motivated to revise daily), exercise, …

Client: Josh, Nottingham 
Hi, My name is Josh, 31, Nottingham, England. I was raised as one of Jehovahs Witnesses but was excommunicated (shunned) from my faith and support …

Client: Chris, Milton Keynes 
Hi there, I am interested in being a volunteer practice client to help your coaches train. I am completely stuck in my life, career and really need …

CLIENT: David, South Yorkshire  
Hi, I'm currently aiming to make changes in my life, and have ideas for creating an online business. In the past, I have been a fairly high achiever …

CLIENT: Jon, London UK 
Hello last year I undertook 3 or 4 of the free life coaching sessions with a trainee, but unfortunately due to ill health I had to stop until now, now …

Client: Claire, London 
I am looking to become a motivational speaker/life coach, I am really interested in some of the coaching opportunities that are available.

Jenni, Rochester UK 
Hello there. I would like to make use of a life coach. I feel like I need to regain control in many areas of my life but often become overwhelmed about …

Client: Naomi, London 
Hi, I am looking for a life coach. Just need some guidance on where to go next

Client: Tom, Buckinghamshire 
Looking to start out getting some coaching.

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Client: Samira, Italy  
I'd like to turn my life upside down and get what I really want in life. I'm looking for a life coach to help me find out what I want and achieve my goals …

Client: Hackney, London 
I could really do with some help with life at the moment. someone I can talk to as I cant with family.

Client: Pip, Witney 
I’ve been looking into becoming a life coach for a while but as someone once said to me, even coaches need coaching. As a person who wants to help others, …

CLIENT: Fleur, London  
Just turned at 30 and at a crossroads in terms of career and relationship. Feeling a bit lost and lost some confidence and would love to have some coaching …

Client: Anne, Dundee, Scotland 
I would really love some life coaching to enable me to help identify negative thinking, behaviours and actions, allowing me to gain confidence and belief …

CLIENT: Assandra Falls, Glasgow 
Looking to figure out the next step in my career

CLIENT: Mandy, Essex 
I would like to be a genuine volunteer client. I have some life issues I would like to discuss and plan some steps forward with the help of a trainee life …

CLIENT: Dan, London  
I’m looking to refocus and get back on track. I need to reset my goals and I need help to do that. I have achieved what I set before and now an flapping …

CLIENT: Katie, London 
I am a former middle leader (2nd in department) secondary school teacher and I am looking for a career change. It would be excellent to get some guidance …

CLIENT: Alina, Carshalton 
Interested in the following: A full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions, typically run over a period of 6-7 months; or

CLIENT: Valerie, London  
At a crossroad and a little scared. I'm about to to reduce my days at work to follow my passion. I am Looking for support to keep me focused as I dip …

CLIENT: Sarah, Reading 
Hi, I am looking for some support to help me establish a suitable and rewarding career. I feel a bit stuck in my ideas and how to move forward and would …

Beth, Epsom  
Hi Since being a teenager, I've struggled with my self esteem and self confidence. I've been through numerous counselling and CBT and want to try something …

CLIENT: Luke, Dublin 
At 23 years, I feel as though I’ve hit an age where my life path should be clear, yet I have no tangible direction. I’m financially stuck, have little …

CLIENT: Anouk, UK 
Looking for help with self confidence and deciding on a direction in life. I've suffered with depression all my life, as well as anxiety and often have …

CLIENT: Jean-Nicolas, Luxembourg 
Hi, My name is Jean. I am interested in receiving counsel on how to process thoughts and life circumstances. I have been in a long distance recovery program …

CLIENT: Jey, Wales  
I’d love to opt in to be coached by a trainee coach. Currently hoping for someone to provide 1-1 career and life coaching to progress to the next level. …

Client: Nora, Berkhamsted 
Lost one parent at an early age and abandoned and neglected by the other. Abused by family members growing up, suffering enough trauma to have shaped my …

CLIENT: Anna, England 
I am neurodiverse person who struggle with motivation and would like to create some systems and routine to make my life more smooth.

Client: Ellie, London  
I would like to become a volunteer practice client. Looking for support with career development. Had a work burnt-out in January 2021 and feel like blocked …

CLIENT: Sarah, London 
I am a 43 years old woman with three nationalities (French, Moroccan and British) living in London. I am looking to make massive changes in the second …

CLIENT: Penny, London 
Hey I'm looking for someone to give me motivation and help me set targets and get my life organised.

CLIENT: Elaine, Glasgow, Scotland 
Elaine, Glasgow, Scotland

CLIENT: Kevin, London  
I would like help removing my money blocks and scarcity mindset. I know I am blessed with a lot more than others out there but do have feelings about …

TRAINEE: Rhona McWalter, Scotland UK 
Hello, ☀️ I am updating my New Insights qualification and would love to work with some practise clients to conduct free sessions online as part of the …

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CLIENT: Helen, Cork 
I need some guidance with various projects.

CLIENT: Sarah Haywood, London 
I feel lost after the pandemic which was extremely disruptive for me. I interrupted my BSc in nutrition twice as I contracted covid and focused on my children's …

CLIENT: Sami, Newcastle 
I would like to volunteer as a practise client please.

CLIENT: Mike, London 
Life is ok but feel as though I am stuck in a rut and don't know how to get out. I've worked hard all my life and now feel I want more enjoyment but don't …

Client: Catherine, London 
I'd like to remove blocks in my life and start living as the best version of me. I am going through a transition period in my life and want help with direction …

CLIENT: Monique, Glasgow 
65 retiree needing direction, clarity and accountability in navigating life.

CLIENT: Ian, London  
I am business owner and would my life to take a different direction in all aspects of my life , I would like to volunteer as a client.

CLIENT: Indy, Coventry 
Coming up to 40 this time. and ending my career as a pharmacist I'm am trying to establish my next moves in life and find some direction smd purpose. Iv …

CLIENT: Karmel, London 
Looking for coaching re my career. Feeling like I'm at a bit of a cross roads. Want help prioritising and deciding next moves.

CLIENT: Ele, Italy 
I'm a separated mom of three, left all alone. I would like help in planning our present in a way that I can still plan for a future.

CLIENT: Natalia, London 
Hi I need help with coaching to evaluate my current situation, make changes with my life, make brave choices and healthier habits.

CLIENT: Tarique, Yorkshire 
I'm a 55 year old, single father to two. I've had a successful career full of episodes of "imposter syndrome" where I wonder how I got here and how I …

CLIENT: Osh, London 
I wish to be a volunteer client for life coaching. I am 21 years old. I am passionate about growing myself but struggle sometimes with procrastination …

CLIENT: Helen, Warwickshire 
I'm a person that people describe as strong, independent, funny, energetic and confident... when I hear these words I own them however when I'm alone I …

CLIENT:- Nik, Essex  
I'll try to keep this as short as possible, I'm a 39 year old male and have struggled most of my life with drink and drugs and was only 8 years ago when …

CLIENT: Jackie, Stevenage  
Hello I am indeed of getting my life , health and self care back on track. After taking 4 years away from work to care for 2 poorly children ( now well …

CLIENT: Anthony, Essex 
Hello, I am a 30 years old and I would like to be a volunteer practice client for your team. I need some help in setting and sticking to goals. I need …

CLIENT: Julie, Cornwall 
I am a 49 year old female who feels completely lost. I am mother to a gorgeous 9 year old boy. I use to be a someone, now I feel like a no’one. I’m carrying …

CLIENT: Sarah, Newcastle 
Looking for coaching/mentoring for working mothers. Balancing mindset at work and managing personal family life.

CLIENT: Jack, Wandsworth  
Have been toying with the idea of using a life coach for a while but haven’t really known where to start. As someone who is a student, has a business and …

CLIENT: Hugo, Peterborough 
Feeling stuck - finding it hard to align short, medium and long term in my life and work. Would appreciate some help gluing it together! I am a willing …

CLIENT: El, Buckinghamshire 
Not sure how to phrase any of this. 26M, currently working in the NHS and facing loads of personal and professional issues. Everything is overwhelming …

CLIENT: Victoria, London 
I am having to make some major decisions around where to live and my work, in particular. Where to live is pressing and I am struggling with this decision. …

CLIENT: Meredith, London 
I am looking for some coaching to assist me in reengaging with my studies in International Development, excelling in my career and reclaiming my life in …

CLIENT: Jerin, UK 
Hello there, I'm 32 years old and looking to work with a trainee life coach in order to achieve personal aspirations, identifying and overcome roadblocks …

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CLIENT: Daniela, England 
Hi there, I'm 27 years old and I'm looking to work with a trainee life coach in order to achieve personal career and financial goals. I'm a creative individual …

CLIENT: Zakia, Greater Manchester, UK 
Hi there im looking to work with a trainee life coach to see if this could help me to navigate roadblocks in life both personal and professional. & to …

Client: Julie, Newcastle  
My name is Julie. I currently work as a special needs support assistant during term time but am also running my own business as a Holistic Therapist on …

Client: Stelios, London 
I'd be intrigued to explore what life coaching offers in terms of discovering more meaningful career pathways after middle age disillusionment:-).

CLIENT: David, North London  
Issues with focus and self discipline. Extreme addiction to social media. Not setting or hitting goals. Given up. Overwhelmed. Exhausted.

CLIENT: Anna, London 
Hi, I’m looking for a mentor to help me change a career and achieve more satisfying life. I feel like I’m not living up to my potential and been kind of …

CLIENT: Claire, Glasgow  
I’m interested in trying life coaching to see if it can fill the gaps that I feel traditional therapy has. I’m happy to work with a trainee coach to give …

CLIENT: Pearl, London 
In order to undo habits of a lifetime!

I'm looking for a coach to help me achieve my goals

Client: Claudia Ninoska De Bruycker Raudez, Santa Fe NM 
I am interested in being a practice client. I’m interested to see how coaching works from a trainee to see if it’s something I would like to pursue in …

CLIENT: Alexandra, London 
I am 31 years old romanian woman, currently living in London for 6 years and wishing to make a career switch from marketing to life coaching. Motivating …

CLIENT: Robyn, UK 
Hi I’d love to take you up on the offer of the programme and would welcome an introductory call first. I’m looking for a coach that can help me unearth …

CLIENT: Leonor, London 
Hi! I'm 26 years old and never had a coaching session before. I would love to get help in achieving my goals, and would like to volunteer as a practice …

CLIENT: Sarah, London 
I am looking for some guidance to help identify the direction of my future path. Having been quite successful in some ways so far with current projects …

CLIENT: Hari, London  
Goals: get motivated about life and enjoy the journey: lose 50kg, set up two financial streams

Client: Ciprian, London 
Hi I am looking for a life coach to help me with my personal and professional life. I want to be more self aware, find tools that helps to get my inspiration …

CLIENT: Simona, London  
I'm really interested in experiencing the life coaching transformation program

CLIENT: Kat, Cape Town 
I’d like to work on my communication skills in my relationship. I’d like to do one session.

CLIENT: Barbara, London 
I'm on a career change path after completing a master's degree. I'd really like some coaching sessions as my new career is very competitive and I need …

CLIENT: Kate, London 
Hi I would be interested to be coached over duration of 13-15 sessions I am committed and wanting to find new career - something I am really passionate …

CLIENT: Colleen, Kent 
Need inspiration to move forward and let go of the past

Client: V, Birmingham 
Looking for Life coaching to improve mindset to help my personal and business growth.

CLIENT: Shiza, London 
Depression Anxiety Narcissistic abuse Need help support to gain lost confidence and build self esteem

CLIENT: Syeda Ali, Chelsea 
I have worked in the comunity my whole life ,now I feel a bit lost in direction after the lock down .I need to discuss my situation in depth and want to …

CLIENT: Hina, Milton Keynes  
I'm a doctor looking for life coaching. I'm training to be a GP and know there are multiple avenues after I qualify therefore want to dig deep in myself …

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CLIENT: Bianca, Bournemouth age 27

CLIENT: Leila,Tanzania 
I would like some perspective on how to let go of unhealthy attachments with people and build healthy relathionships

Client: Lana, London  
I have quick a few jobs, sewing deadlines and I look after animals everyday. I need to reorganise my life as I don’t feel in control at the moment.

Hello! I'm a middle-aged man, having raised a happy family and finished a successful but dull career in broadcast television. I worked long and hard for …

CLIENT: Naomi, Leeds 
I'm 29, and looking to get my life back on track after a long period of ill health. I haven't been able to realise my true potential in terms of career …

Client: Rebecca, Brighton 
I am interested in some sessions - I am a busy working single mum who needs help not to lose myself and to set realistic goals. I look forward to hearing …

CLIENT: Tamara, London 
Hi, I'm 28. I have been out of work since having my daughter 3 years ago. Now she is attending nursery I now have time to focus on my ideas/dreams. I have …

Client: Samantha, Sussex 
I am looking for some guidance/ personal goals help I have recently had and will be occurring a huge life change. I am a single parent who runs a business …

CLIENT: Gemma, Hackney  
Hi I’m interested in life coaching. I want to achieve more in my career and focus on my personal goals more, but I put too much into my current job, …

CLIENT: Steve, Derbyshire 
I am a 67 year old man who has an assortment of different goals and is starting over in a new area. I want someone to talk over my ideas with, to form …

CLIENT: Yami, India 
Hey, I want to be a client. I am looking for major guidance in personal and professional area of my life. I am determinded to change it. I hit the …

CLIENT: Deanna, Hertfordshire 
Hello, I am a volunteer client who is looking for some guidance in discovering ways in which I can change my life. I am in a stable job, however feel like …

CLIENT: Elizabeth, location not provided 
I have recently undergone a huge life change which has brought a new set of circumstances and roles in my life. I’m looking for help identifying and relevant …

CLIENT: Jackie, Hertfordshire  
I need a life re set and some direction after looking after a very sick child. I have totally forgot how to be myself Send help

CLIENT: Narinder, London  
Working in IT and in a relationship. Looking for help with procrastination...communication...anger management and anxiety.

Client: Rachel, Birmingham 
looking for some coaching to help boost me in startig my own coaching bussiness and getting some first hand experience on what itll be like

CLIENT: Irina, London  
Hey , Recently I discovered life coaching and I would love to learn more about self development. Also i will love to improve myself and to be able to …

CLIENT: Maria, London 
Hi, My name is Maria and I want to switch to another career. I am seriously thinking of life coaching, so I find it as a great opportunity to have coaching …

CLIENT: Anita, London 
Hello, I am 30yr old single female who is interested in finding purpose and growing in my career, managing my health and relationships. I really need advice …

Client: Rosie, Birmingham 
Hi I am interested in becoming a practice client. I am a motivated and ambitious individual, I am a lone parent and recently started a training course …

Client: Dana, London  
Hello, I am a lone parent who is interested in changing my career, finding fulfilment and hopefully to start dating. I really need advice and guidance …

CLIENT: Ian Otieno, London  
I would like to take part in this life coaching

CLIENT: Gerard, London 
30-year-old seeking to make my way in football mindset coaching having recently qualified as a life coach myself. Need help with direction and motivation. …

CLIENT: Ieva Kairyte, Lincoln 
Hello! I am a 22 year old, looking for some help to put my goals in place and reach towards them, would really appreciate some help!

CLIENT: Maria, London 
Dear Life Coaching Team, Thank you very much for your help offered I would really appreciate if I could be in touch with a Life Coach Volunteer to …

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CLIENT: Skye, UK  
Hi, Everyone complements me on how amazing I am. I am starting to accept and humbly appreciate this but I still have a dark shadow of “what is the point, …

CLIENT: Sarah, London 
Hello, I am a volunteer client looking to make changes in my life. For that, I need the help of a coach. With me you can be sure that you will be coaching …

CLIENT: Nina, Birmingham  
Volunteer client

TRAINEE: Maria Kay, Germany 
Hello everyone!! I am a trainee coach with new insights. I started on this new and exciting chapter in my life a few months ago and now I feel ready …

CLIENT: Cara, Milton Keynes 
I am looking to start my own business and could use some guidance on confidence, self esteem and other challenges that come with it.

CLIENT: Michèle, Canary Islands 
Hi, I'm a 39 year old Belgian woman living in the Canary Islands. I would like to find purpose and motivation in life as I can not seem to find a carreer …

CLIENT: Kelly, Hemel Hempstead 
CLIENT: Kelly, Hertfordshire, UK I recently turned 40 and I’m not where I had hoped I would be at this stage in my life. I am looking for help to …

CLIENT: Jyoti More, India 
I am a housewife .... Experience in field of banking and training

CLIENT: Zakiyah, North England 
Hi Hope you’re doing ok. Im looking for a Female life coach, who is empathetic , kind & understanding. im up for doing any of the options, maybe we can …

CLIENT: Andrew, Derby, UK 
Individual seeking self acceptance and confidence.... I want to be coached to help me with the above.

Client: Rocky Dail, Mexico 
Hi! I am looking for a life coach who can hold me accountable for making solid, daily progress on my goals: 1) become fluent in Spanish by 31 Dec 21 2) …

CLIENT: James, Kendal, UK 
Hi, I am a 38 year old guy who is intelligent, highly educated and extremely lost. I struggle with mild anxiety and depression and have never kept a job …

CLIENT: Rajae, Paris 
I need some help to get my life together, set goals and gain confidence. I'm open to any of the three options of coaching.

CLIENT: Victoria, County Durham 
I would like help to work on abandonment, past trauma, codependency, self esteem and confidence, to enable me to heal and work through my issues to enable …

CLIENT: Rachel, Plymouth, UK 
I would like to volunteer as a coachee.

CLIENT: Desire Theunissen, Namibia 
I am a Trainee Life Coach, I am due to complete my training and be a certified coach. I want to volunteer to be coached, I need help with my coaching sessions …

TRAINEE: Sarah-Jane MacKenzie - North Scottish Highlands 
I am a New Insights trainee life coach and I would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in free life coaching sessions. If interested then please …

Trainee: Dave Keir, Manchester 
I am a trainee coach looking to gain my certificate with new insights. I am looking to practice the first 2 sessions, Free form and the full 15 sessions. …

CLIENT: Jon, London 
I’m 33 years old and though having a successful career, I continue to struggle with personal issues and the ability to be my best -self . Recently this …

CLIENT: Sian, London 
I'm 28, seeking guidance and some clarity from a life coach. Currently, I'm feeling very lost and unfulfilled with my life. I'm unhappy in my job and struggle …

Client: Zaynab from Sierra Leone 
I am a mother, pursuing a second career and building an online business at the same time. I have a big team that I am struggling to lead as well as I would …

CLIENT: Karen, Kent, UK 
I am 35 and have a successful career, but now feel like I may have hit a brick wall. I want to focus on my future goals and build and clear path to success …

CLIENT: Sam, West Midlands 
I would love some coaching. I feel completely stuck in my situation and need some help to make a decision on how to move forward I also need help with …

CLIENT: Faye, Location withheld 
Hi all, I am a busy Mum of three who has recently embarked on a new career having had time off to look after my kids. I have been in a challenging …

CLIENT: Erica, Warwick, UK  
I have recently turned 50 and I feel stuck in many aspects of my life. At the age of 30 I felt as though I was embarking on a good career with doors …

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Client: Rocky Dail, Mexico 
Hi! I'm enrolled in an ESL teaching certification program plus I'm in Mexico to learn Spanish. I have a lot to get done every day to meet my deadlines …

Client: Victoria, Kent 
Volunteer practice client-I am considering a big career and life style change that I need help in considering of it is right for me.

Client: Ginika, London  
I would like to volunteer as a practice client. I recently started new training course and I am struggling to overcome the difficulties that arises from …

CLIENT: Fiona, East Sussex 
I would like to volunteer as a practice client. I was made redundant earlier this year, which came out of the blue. Since moving house, it was decided …

Client: Andrew, Stratford upon Avon 
Hi, feeling stack after 20 years as a teacher but don't know how to move on to something different. Very happy to help a trainee with the practicee to …

CLIENT: Maria, Worcestershire  
Hi, I am having a career crisis and exploring various avenues- retraining or sticking to what I do etc.

CLIENT: Courtney, Northampton  
Looking to find a trainee life coach

CLIENT: Lucy, London 
I am happy to help anyone who wants to practice with me. My main issue is fear of moving forward on decisions I make. I have ADHD too so any ADHD coaches …

Client: Kat, Bedford 
I have been always sure I will do something incredible in my life. But years are passing by and I don’t feel neither fulfilled nor satisfied with my life. …

CLIENT: Caitlin, London 
I am looking for a life coach that can help guide me through Personal growth and having a lifestyle I am happier and more fulfilled. I am usually available …

CLIENT: Linda, Latvia 
Need help with money mindset and/or feminine energy I'm an entrepreneur who has recently started my coaching business. I struggle with being too much …

Client: Laxmi, Coventry 
Hi I'm interested in receiving coaching sessions and can be contacted by email at LRCHHAYA@GMAIL.COM

CLIENT: Claire, Reading 
Hi, I would love to volunteer as a coachee. I am also undergoing life coaching training so it would be good to get some first hand experience of being …

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