volunteer for free life coaching

Our Trainee Life Coaches are required to complete extensive practical work as part of their certification process.

You can benefit from free life coaching by volunteering to be a practice client. In doing so you will help our trainees.

It's a WIN - WIN!

Please take a few minutes to read the following guidelines carefully before registering your interest by posting or commenting:

IF I volunteer AS A PRACTICE client, what can i expect?

You should bear in mind that you will be working with a trainee life coach. As such your coach is neither qualified, nor experienced. So you should tailor your expectations accordingly.

The trainee will conduct life coaching in his or her personal capacity. Although this may involve use of the New Insights Life Coaching System, New Insights is in no way responsible for the quality of coaching or the outcomes that will result.


You may volunteer for one of the following:

  • Two initial sessions that involve life evaluation and goal setting; or
  • A full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions, typically run  over a period of 6-7 months; or
  • A one-off free-form coaching session to help you to address issues you may have or plan the way forward to achieve an objective.


Free life coaching is usually conducted using a VOIP technology such as Skype or Zoom, although face-to-face coaching can be negotiated with the trainee coach, only if it is practical to do so.


Yes. Our trainees generally do not charge for practice coaching. However, depending on the circumstances and your requirements, coaches may request a nominal fee to cover any out of pocket expenses they may incur.


Yes. Two important things:

1. New Insights offers this web page as a form of market where trainee life coaches and potential volunteer clients can post to try to connect with each other. As such we can not guarantee that you will be connected with a coach .

2. Posts, and comments on those posts, create individual web pages that may be indexed by the search engines. We therefore strongly recommend  that you provide only the detail that you are willing to disclose publicly. For example, you may wish to use only your first name and location rather than your full name and location.


To take up this offer of free life coaching you must be either a genuine volunteer client or a bona fide New Insights trainee life coach in good standing.

Then you can do one of the following, or both:

  • Start a new post below. There;'s a slightly different format required depending on whether you are a trainee life coach or a potential volunteer practice client.
  • Comment on an existing post to register your interest. Do this by clicking on the title of the post you are interested in. Don't forget to provide some form of contact detail.

Please post your details here:

Whatever you write in the title below will show up on this page as a link which a visitor can click on to reveal further details. You'll need to identify yourself as a client or a trainee, followed by your name and (optionally) your location.

If you are a volunteer practice client, please use the following format for the title field (we recommend excluding your surname if you include any sensitive personal information in the post):

CLIENT: First name, location

If you are a bona fide New Insights trainee life coach, please use this format (we need your full name to authenticate this):

TRAINEE: First name, Last name, location

View other posts

Below you can see the posts created by other volunteer clients and New Insights trainee life coaches. From time to time we delete posts that are older than about a year or that relate to trainees who have since become certified life coaches

Client: Victoria, Kent 
Volunteer practice client-I am considering a big career and life style change that I need help in considering of it is right for me.

Client: Ginika, London  
I would like to volunteer as a practice client. I recently started new training course and I am struggling to overcome the difficulties that arises from …

CLIENT: Fiona, East Sussex 
I would like to volunteer as a practice client. I was made redundant earlier this year, which came out of the blue. Since moving house, it was decided …

Client: Andrew, Stratford upon Avon 
Hi, feeling stack after 20 years as a teacher but don't know how to move on to something different. Very happy to help a trainee with the practicee to …

CLIENT: Maria, Worcestershire  
Hi, I am having a career crisis and exploring various avenues- retraining or sticking to what I do etc.

CLIENT: Courtney, Northampton  
Looking to find a trainee life coach

CLIENT: Lucy, London 
I am happy to help anyone who wants to practice with me. My main issue is fear of moving forward on decisions I make. I have ADHD too so any ADHD coaches …

Client: Kat, Bedford 
I have been always sure I will do something incredible in my life. But years are passing by and I don’t feel neither fulfilled nor satisfied with my life. …

CLIENT: Caitlin, London 
I am looking for a life coach that can help guide me through Personal growth and having a lifestyle I am happier and more fulfilled. I am usually available …

CLIENT: Linda, Latvia 
Need help with money mindset and/or feminine energy I'm an entrepreneur who has recently started my coaching business. I struggle with being too much …

Client: Laxmi, Coventry 
Hi I'm interested in receiving coaching sessions and can be contacted by email at LRCHHAYA@GMAIL.COM

CLIENT: Claire, Reading 
Hi, I would love to volunteer as a coachee. I am also undergoing life coaching training so it would be good to get some first hand experience of being …

CLIENT: Jennifer Buckley, Manchester

CLIENT: Lulu, London 
At age 41 I am in serious need of guidance with my career path and entrepreneurial endeavours. A working mum I sometimes lack the confidence and focus …

CLIENT: Kate, Newbury 
Hi there, My name is Kate and I'm 35. I am interested in finding a life coach for the full 13-15 sessions, if possible. I went through considerable …

CLIENT: Diana, Russia 
I have been traveling and living in different countries because l always knew that I do not belong at my hometown. Currently, I am back in Russia trying …

CLIENT: Jolene, Manchester  
I am 42 years old and I am still trying to find a my path. I work 2 jobs, I have children. I am lacking confidence in taking chances and I don't believe …

CLIENT: Hal, Northamptonshire 
Hi-I completed a post-grad diploma recently and have since experienced lots of life changes with relocating, and a new career. Amongst all of that there's …

CLIENT: Laura, Clacton on Sea 
I would very much appreciate support and guidance in my life as I'm lost in myself and life I'm 51 years old and don't know where I'm heading

CLIENT: Ginny, East Sussex  
I am available for practise life coaching

Client, Nora, London 
I am particularly interested in taking part in a full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions. I am 36 and getting to a cross road in my life. I …

CLIENT: Veronika, Prague 
Hello, My name is Veronika I would like to become Health, Life coach. I am qualified RYT yoga teacher. At the moment I decided to work more on myself, …

CLIENT: Carly, London 
Feeling lost, lots of life changes in recent years & can’t seem to find myself. Would like some supportive guidance to broaden my current life path.

CLIENT: Lisa, Manchester 
Currently 2years into a 3year accountancy course, struggling with motivation and insecurity about my ability and ready to jack it all in. I feel I need …

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CLIENT: Lisa, London 
Having gone through truma I am starting all over again and not sure where to begin in my 40s

CLIENT: Tracy, London 
Been hit hard by employment and other life experiences that have negatively impacted me. At a stage in life where I need to seriously redirect my life …

CLIENT: Ahad Manchester  
I want to actually become a life coach or get into counselling. Willbe good to experience sessions with someone starting up

Client - Tracey,Northamptonshire  
Covid has hit me hard - I have suffered bereavements and personal mental health issues. I want someone to help me reevaluate my life and the direction …

Client: Taylor, Birmingham  
I would like to be a client as it will give me lots of good knowledge and skills, i am available on week days

Client: Eleni, London 
Hi, After a year of anxiety, stress and lockdown I am currently trying to find ways which lead me to an amazing personal growth and help me to change my …

CLIENT: Kailan, Oxford  
I just finished the second year of my Politics and International Relations degree in Oxford; I'm heading to Latin America over the summer for documentary, …

CLIENT: Shae, London 
I am rebuilding my life after some major life changes and would really benefit from some coaching help....

CLIENT: Fabienne, Germamy 
I really need help I can't take this pain anymore I want to become that woman i always warten to be I am looking for a spiritual lifecoach and i prefer …

Client: Ruth, Scotland  
Feeling lost and need help finding my feet again

CLIENT: Hugh, Denmark  
I am an Aussie man living in Denmark with my partner and son. I postponed my studies in Australia to move to DK and have found myself struggling through …

CLIENT: Vix, Northamptonshire  
Hi I have a work objective to ‘say it straight’ as I have a tendency towards accommodating! I am in that frustrating space of being conscious of the accommodation …

CLIENT: Hugo, Riyadh 
Hi I am a management consultant, husband, dad of 2. After a challenging couple of years I think I am struggling to get back on my path. I'd really appreciate …

CLIENT: Sheryl, London 
Hi, I work in Travel but my job currently doesn't exist due to Covid. I am interested in writing and am working on these skills, but I have felt very lost …

Client: Klodiana, London 
Hi, I’m a mom of two (girl 4, boy 2) I work as a mobile nail technician. I really need help on changing my life. Please contact me via email …

CLIENT: Ruth, London 
Hi, I would like to get my life (and work) in order after a mental breakdown last year. I can have waves of overwhelm sometimes that make me feel frozen …

Client: Scott, Bedworth 
My name is Scott McCluskey I live in Bedworth. I really need help I am on drugs an lost my job can u help point me in the right direction

CLIENT: Ruth, Devon 
Interested in the transforming life program.

CLIENT: Angela Enfield, Location withheld 
Interested in the full transforming programme

CLIENT: Elspeth, Derbyshire 
Hi. Thanks for offering this opportunity. I am looking for a life coach to help guide me through a career change (not one which is happening - I want it …

CLIENT: CJ, London 
I’m a 28 year old project manager but struggle with quite serious anxiety. I find my job very stressful and know it’s not what I want to do long term but …

CLIENT: Deborah, Woking 
I am a 53 year old divorcee women who needs some help turning her life around. Ideally, I am looking for a full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions …

CLIENT: Aimee, West Yorkshire 
Single mum of 3 children, one with special needs. Made bad choices with men and need to find myself again so not to make same mistakes again. Currently …

CLIENT:Darren, Brighton 
I am in a semi involved dynamic with a long term friend. But I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with choices and scenarios I am faced with. I really just need …

CLIENT: Lindsay, Hull 
Hi, I’m a recently made single mum of two who suffers with depression. I feel very lost with my life right now and trying to stay on top of things, looking …

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CLIENT: Refiya, UK 
Hi I have just started a new consultancy business and I have jumped in with my eyes shut, full of hope and trust that I can deliver services that may be …

CLIENT: Sharon, Kew Bridge, West London 
I am a Knitwear Designer, 58 years old and need some help in setting up my business ie plans and goals to create my business successfully.

CLIENT: Aliya, London 
Hello, I would like to volunteer as a Practice client. I am very much interested in being a life coach myself and intend to sign up for the New Insights …

CLIENT: Jayne, St Helens, Merseyside 
I'm 19 and to put my situation into perspective, I feel like I am stood in a dark room faced with several closed doors. I can see the names of the doors …

CLIENT: Maria, London 
I am 56, in the last year I have been a bit ill. My kids are 22 and 24 and they work a lot. I am divorced and I had a relationship that broke down a couple …

CLIENT: Luke Shinton, West Midlands  
I’m just a humble carpenter. I need some help in turning my life around.

Client: Hazel, Manchester 
Struggling with how to take the next step, especially with a baby on the way! A lot of drive and ambition but would like some support getting to where …

Client: Mark, Leeds, UK 
I'm an aspiring music producer and I want to commit fully to it but I'm often battling with self doubt and procrastination. I need help from a coach to …

Client: Sintra, UK 
I need help figuring out what I want out of life, because I'm just bouncing from one thing to the other right now.

CLIENT: Pippa, Cheshire 
62 yr old lady looking for help to refocus. Hello. I am a full time carer, gave up career. Living on benefit now and looking for help to reassess my …

CLIENT: Nigel, Cornwall 
Hi. I am in the middle of some big changes in my life. I know what I want to do in the future and I am positive about these goals. Looking for a life …

CLIENT: Beth, Wales 
In need of direction, some major life changes have seen me try to forge out a new life when I seem to be half way through it already. I seem to be chasing …

CLIENT: Varvara, Germany 
Hi :) My name is Varvara and currently I am an international master's student in Germany. I am looking for a one-off free-form coaching session to …

Hello - I'm Looking for a one-off freeform coaching session (or two sessions) - I'm an artist, tutor and prospective coach. Thank you

CLIENT: Fati, Paris 
Hey, i feel like i live on a rollercoaster. Sometimes i have big goals and i am super motivated/disciplined and i am like 'ok this time this is for good' …

TRAINEE: Margaret, Brennan, Canterbury, NZ 
Hello, My name is Margaret, I am excited to be part of the life coaching community. In my job I guide people through their research projects and this …

CLIENT: Susan, London 
Hi, This is a year of big changes for me and I would appreciate the support and accountability offered by coaching, to help me stay focused and motivated …

CLIENT: Louisa, Newcastle  
Hi, I’m not sure anyone can help me but I’m reaching out hoping someone, hopefully you, can. I don’t really know where to start or what to say but the …

CLIENT: Maria Douglas, England 
I am looking for some romantic relationship coaching.

Client: Lucy, London 
Hello, I am a masters university student currently living alone, and would love to be a client for a trainee life coach to work through objectives in my …

CLIENT: Sarah, Oxfordshire 
Hi there, I've been trying to work out how to give some direction to my life - and speaking to a life coach seems like a great opportunity. I'm a creative …

CLIENT: Louise, Manchester 
Hi, I need a coach who can help me to organise my life and manage my time better. I am homeschooling while trying to run a cake business from home on my …

CLIENT: Tash, Weymouthl  
Hi I am Tash, based in Weymouth, UK. Looking to transform my life. Both mental health and physical health. Worn out teacher. I really need to find my purpose …

CLIENT: Umar, Birmingham 
Male, early 30’s seeking a transformational experience to help move forward in life and have the future I aspire to do so.

TRAINEE: Rita Yost, Arisaig, Inverness-shire, Scotland  
I am 34 years old and have worked in the care sector for the past 6 years. Presently I am a carer for the elderly and prior to this I was a support worker …

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Client: Julia, Bournemouth 
I am looking to transition from being a professional in Human Resources to being an author. I have completed my first book and a Masters degree in Creative …

TRAINEE: Aisha, London  
Hey Everyone! So I've just completed all 7 Modules of the New Insights Coaching Programme! (Yippee!!!) I am looking for a few volunteers to help me practice …

CLIENT: Anne, Nottingham 
Interested in life evaluation and goal setting. Available most days.

CLIENT: Natalia, London 
Hi my name is Natalia. I am a psychology student and HR assistant. Two things which coach could help me with as I see it: 1.Deciding on my career direction …

CLIENT: Sam, Location withheld 
Hi am sam I would like help and advice from a relationship coach. I need someone to speak with regards to relationship issues.

CLIENT: Jane, Southampton 
Hi Looking for my next step in life. Not sure which direction to go in. Any help and kindness would be amazing Jane

CLIENT: Janet, Yorkshire 
My name is Janet and I am considering taking this course. However would love a few free courses to get a better understanding of whether it is for me

CLIENT: Dolly, England 
Hi, I’m a lady in my 50s, and am looking to re-engage with my life’s goals my self worth and my emotional well-being alongside other key goals. I would …

TRAINEE: Samantha, London 
Hello and welcome!! My name is Samantha and I am a trainee coach with new insights. I am extremely grateful you are here. I have been training with …

CLIENT: Edyta Newbury, Reading 
Looking for a coach to get the clutter out from private and work life.

CLIENT: Lilla Tan 
I am trying to start my own business to support dyslexic children but I don’t know where to start and am a bit rubbish at organising myself. Looking for …

TRAINEE: Rob Slater, Cape Town, South Africa 
Hi, I am Rob, If you are looking for a life coach, please feel free to contact me. I would love to chat with you and take you through steps that will …

TRAINEE: Liz Briggs, Brighton 
Hi my name is Liz, And I’m passionate about people and getting the best out of life i m looking for 15 genuine people who really want to make a difference …

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