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volunteer for free life coaching


If you would like to take advantage of this free life coaching offer, we respectfully ask that you read the information and guidelines provided on this page BEFORE you go ahead and post!


New Insights trainee life coaches are required to conduct extensive practice coaching as part of the requirements for their eventual certification. 

Trainees are expected to find several volunteers to practice with. To assist them, we have created this page. It aims to  help connect them with members of the public who feel they may benefit from volunteering to be coached for one or more sessions.


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Life coaches work with mentally well people to help them tap into their inner power, achieve their goals and dreams and lead more purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Life coaches are NOT counsellors, therapists, mentors, or advisors, and do not receive training to act in those capacities.

If you are unsure as to whether life coaching is right for you, please first visit our page, What is life coaching. There you will find comparisons between life coaching and counselling/psychotherapy, life coaching and mentoring, etc.


Tick and Cross

To post or comment on this page, you need to be either:

  • a potential volunteer CLIENT (a member of the public who would like to receive free life coaching; or
  • a bona fide New Insights TRAINEE life coach (must be currently registered and in good standing with New Insights)

If neither of the above apply, your post will not be approved and published.



Generally speaking our trainee life coaches will not charge for practice coaching sessions. However, depending on the circumstances, some may request a nominal fee to cover any costs they may incur. 

IF I volunteer for coaching, what can i expect?

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Firstly, it's important to bear in mind that you will be working with a trainee life coach

Trainees are neither qualified, nor experienced coaches. If you want or need an experienced and certified coach, or if you are considering training with us and want to experience a session, we recommend that you visit our Directory of Life Coaches.

Secondly, coaching will be conducted in the trainee's personal capacity. Although the trainee coach may use the New Insights Life Coaching System, New Insights is not in any way responsible for the nature and quality of coaching you will receive.

Thirdly, depending on your requirements and the availability of the trainee coach, you may choose to volunteer for free life coaching in the form of:

  • Two initial sessions covering life evaluation and goal setting; or 
  • A full transformative programme of 15 structured sessions; or
  • A single, less structured, free-form session.

Life coaching will, almost certainly, be conducted remotely, using Zoom or Skype or similar, although the face-to-face option can be negotiated with the trainee coach in the event that you happen to live close by.


We cannot guarantee that you will receive a response if you post on this page. Neither can we  give you any guidelines about how long you will have to wait. Other than approving posts, we do not monitor or manage the interactions between our trainees and members of the public on this page.

From time to time we clean up posts on this page by deleting public posts that are older than 12 months, or posts by trainees who have already qualified as certified life coaches.


If you wish to respond to an existing post, simply post a comment to that post.

If you wish to create a new post for others to comment on, then, use the form below, and follow these guidelines:


In the field marked 'Title of post' below, enter the word "CLIENT:' followed by your name and location. Note that Google may index these posts, so if you feel your post contains sensitive information, we recommend you use your first name only and a general location. For example:

CLIENT: Brenda, Dundee, Scotland

Once you have done that, please click on the link below the box to complete and submit your post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form).

Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy.


In the field marked 'Title of post' below, enter the word TRAINEE: followed by your name and location. For example:

TRAINEE: Jeff Arlington, Edenbridge, Kent

Once you have done that, please click on the link below the box to complete the post (there's no need to enter your name and location again in the expanded form).

Please familiarise yourself with our Privacy Policy

Please post your details here:

The title you create using the format explained above will show up on this page as a link. A visitor can click on this link to reveal further details of your post.

View other posts

Below you can see the posts created by other volunteer clients and New Insights trainee life coaches. From time to time we delete posts that are older than about a year or that relate to trainees who have since become certified life coaches

CLIENT: Lee, Scotland 
In my late 40s, and am looking for coaching with regards to a career change.

CLIENT: Keri, Northampton 
Hey, I'm Keri, a 33 year old single mum, living in UK with a 11month old baby, enjoying motherhood more now despite the obvious challenges, now looking …

TRAINEE: Catherine Ndungu, London 
Hi, I am a trainee coach looking for practice coaching clients. 1x2 sessions 1x15 sessions 1 free form If you would like to discover the hidden …

Client: Sunni, Belfast, NI, UK 
Hi, I'm highly interested in the Life Coaching with a Life Coach Trainee (a full transformative programme of 15 structured sessions) as I think it pleases …

Client: Mass, Holbaek, Denmark 
I am 22 year old guy from Denmark. I enjoy reading books, fitness and doing parkour. Lately I've found myself struggling with consistency of forming new …

CLIENT: Reya, Location withheld 
Hi my name is Reya and I am interested in becoming a volunteer to receive free coaching. I'm a single mother and I am autistic. I'm generally open to what …

CLIENT: Cherelle, Hertfordshire 
Hello, I would like to access coaching for free.

Client: Carla Tailor 
I am a parent of 3 children that I homeschool. I have been struggling to find a routine that suits me and my children, whilst also suppoprting my partner …

Client: Jill, Forres, Scotland  
I work for a charity so don't have the disposable income to support my desire to have life coaching, yet. I feel stuck in patterns and thinking that have …

Client: Nicole - Greater Manchester  
I would like support/guidance/coaching to help me build confidence, beliefs in myself and a realistic plan to start a new lease of life which is primarily …

TRAINEE: Michelle Hanassab, London 
Hi everyone, I am looking for 5 volunteer clients to partake in receiving two COMPLIMENTARY life coaching sessions with me. This is guaranteed to be …

CLIENT: Damian, Niepołomice, Poland 
I'd like to follow structured program for transformation. I am rather successful 33 years old with promising career, family and complete feeling of being …

Client: Matthew, Hertfordshire 
Hi, I'd like to volunteer as a client. I'd really like to have more confidence in non work related relationships.

Client: Sanjeev Kumar, India  
I am willing to offer help as volunteer client. I am based out of India. Ex Military and working in corporate role. Happy to be coached as volunteer here. …

CLIENT: Richard, Cardiff, Wales 
Hi, I would like to volunteer as a client. I want a change of career direction but am unsure where to go. I’ve worked my way up at the same organisation …

Client: Victor, Solihull 
I have made a huge mistake over past few years. I have been doing forex trading for 7 years, since i have my first child, and now i have lost absolutely …

Client: Tanya, Kent 
I have been struggling with self esteem and motivation for years, I really would like to find ways to improve both and to improve in all areas of my life …

Client: Luke, London  
Hi all I am a 27 year old man with troubles around addiction and finding purpose in life and need help in building relationships. Would love the opportunity …

CLIENT: Helena M’Foumou-Titi, London 
Hi, I am a divorced, single mum who works but has so many talents I feel are not being used. I feel stuck and don’t know how to advance outside of my …

Client: Saira, Leeds 
Hello, I am wanting to sign up as a volunteer client for life coaching. Areas I struggle with most are self esteem, self discipline, routine, addiction, …

Client: Mirna, Egypt 
I would like some help in guiding me in my current life/career issues.

CLIENT: Ar, Czech Republic 
Dear Trainees, I am interested in becoming a volunteer practice client. I would love to work on increasing my self-confidence. At this stage of my life, …

CLIENT: Marini, London 
I always want to be a life coach but choose a different career so now it’s time to get back at it …people genuinely listen to me so why not put it to …

Client: Emma, Ellesmere Port  
Hello All! I'm looking for support with all aspects of my life as I try to move forward following a breakdown/burnout. I'm neurodivergent & am struggling …

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CLIENT: Caley. Hanoi, Vietnam  
Hi I would love to be a client and have a trainee life coaching session. I've always wanted and needed some direction and now I am finally taking baby …

TRAINEE: Jennifer Raath, South Africa 
Hi there all you wonderful people. Give yourself this gift of an opportunity to experience life coaching for free. I am a trainee life coach and …

Client: Catherine C, London 
Hi My name is Catherine C and I am based in London, UK. I believe there another Catherine based in the UK but I just wanted to specify that I am a different …

Client, Anna, Madrid 
Hi, I am interested in becoming a volunteer practice client. I am a Travel and Logistics Coordinator with more than 15 years experience. I am at a point …

CLIENT: Jelena, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
I would like to volunteer as a coaching client for trainee coaches. I generally struggle with people pleasing, standing up for myself, and body image. …

CLIENT: Matthew, London 
Hi, I am interested in becoming a volunteer practice client. I am a former trader now working in sales and partnerships at a fintech firm. The culture …

CLIENT: Tanya, Kent 
Good Morning I would love to help those who are training to become life coaches and gain some insight in the process. I struggle with self esteem …

CLIENT: Joe Alpert., Atlanta, GA USA 
Looking for a daily life coach for a few weeks or a few months Willing to "trade" my expertise in this area -- for them -- to help them level-up …

CLIENT: Josh, Wales 
I am someone who has always struggled with my mental health and because of this it sometimes causes my mental health to overcome me too much, to the point …

CLIENT: Jen, Wigan 
Hi My name is Jen McWilliam and I am heading into my 30s. I am struggling with how I have changed in the work place since being on matt leave. I want …

CLIENT: Nicola Pangratiou, Enfield  
I am currently struggling with housing, career, finances, and most areas of my life. I am 38 years old, a single mum who is desperately trying to find …

CLIENT: Hailey, Hong Kong 
Hi! I am turning 30 this year and recently went through a career pivot. I have worked different jobs in different industries but still can't seem to find …

CLIENT: Enya, St Albans 
I am at a crossroads in my career and don't know which path to take! I need some guidance to help figure out the right path as I am feeling very lost at …

CLIENT: Ray, France 
I have been struggling to fix myself to a certain goal in life and just start off, I have been procrastinating for almost 4 years and couldn't get the …

CLIENT: Anette, NW London 
I am a 32 year old woman with Asperger syndrome who struggles a lot with social anxiety. My social anxiety has got a lot worse over the years and I now …

CLIENT: Catherine, London UK 
Hi My name is Catherine and I am based in London, UK. I would like to be a guinea pig for the full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions, typically …

CLIENT: Monasia, United States 
Hi good morning my name is Monasia I'm a 24 year old, mom of 2, and I'm looking for a life coach who is eager to help me navigate life, even though I'm …

Client: Kerry, Exeter 
Hey, I just came across this page in search of a life coach, I am in my 30s and life has flipped on its head, I am wanting to start life fresh, to unlearn …

CLIENT: Gina, South Norwood, London 
Hello there, I'm a working Mum of two children under 7. I recently purchased a house and would love some help to try and maximize my income whilst also …

CLIENT: Ellen, Leeds, West Yorkshire  
Middle aged & live alone (always have), & had long term health issues. Never had goals. Need a serious refocus to reshape my approach to being. Want a …

CLIENT: Jenna Coetzee, Chelsea, London  
I am unsure what I really want to do with my life. I have wanted to become a life coach for 3/4 years now but haven’t had the time to do a course. I would …

TRAINEE: Andy Koritsas, UK 
Looking for TWO volunteer clients to receive a free life coaching programme, consisting of fifteen eye-opening and inspirational sessions. …

CLIENT: Felicity, UK 
I am multidisciplinary artist looking for help in clarifying my goals, and finding the motivation to stick to a productive, balanced and healthy routine... …

CLIENT: Lucy, Malaga, Spain 
I would like to try a coaching session. I have potentially several areas of my life I would like to explore and set goals for. I would prefer just one …

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Client: Reuben, UK 
Hello, I'm seeking support from a life coach who can be a positive influence and help me contextualize my life and put in place structural components. …

TRAINEE: Gillian, UK 
Hi, I'm Gillian Evans from the UK looking for clients who are interested in 2 free sessions each using the New Insights Life Coaching System. I am …

CLIENT: Elliott, Norfolk 
Hi, I'm struggling with confidence issues and being stuck with where to go next in life and I'm looking to make any changes I need to

Client Aisha Johnson  
I work in mental health as a goal setter and confidence builder. I’m struggling with weight loss, everything else is great it’s just I’ve turned into an …

CLIENT: Gina, South Norwood, London 
Hello there, I'm a working mum of 2 children 6 and under. I'm hoping to find a bit of support and guidance to navigate my hectic life and bring it in …

CLIENT: Anthony, South East London  
I have struggled with confidence issues in my life. I have a fear of failure which has held me back continuously in my career and recently contributed …

CLIENT: Abdul, Maidenhead, UK 
I work as a civil servant and am a dad of 2 boys. Married with a wonderful partner. Looking for a coach to work with, once a month. It can be online. Looking …

CLIENT: Claire, Wales 
I am 58yrs old,and have raised 2 children independently who have now got lives and families of their own , I began my adult life training and then practicing …

CLIENT: Caelan, North London 
Hi I am 19 years old and ambitious but unsure of how to bag I ate my plan. I am interested in exploring how life coaching would help in my endeavour. …

Client: Sky, UK 
I’m 39 years old. I’ve suffered from stress, anxiety and mental health most my life. I feel I’ve never had any direction in my life from my parents or …

CLIENT: Nazmus Chowdhury, Dhaka, Bangladesh 
Dear concern, I am suffering from stress induced irregular blood pressure. I would like to meet a coach to provide A full life-transforming programme …

Client: Roberto, Reading, UK 
Looking for a life coach, I would like a programme of 13-15 sessions or some sessions please.

CLIENT: Celia, London 
i am 63 years old, female & post divorce....i would value the support of a coach in the next phase of my life

Client: Denay, Altadena, California 
I’m ready to address chronic grief. I decided now is the time to live life to the fullest. I understand in order to get over this I need to go through …

CLIENT: Jo, Yorkshire  
I'd like to gain confidence and discover more about myself.

Client: Dan, Uxbridge 
I am in my mind 30is and feel like I got no direction , am struggling with couple of addictions as well . I really need someone that think can help me …

CLIENT: Lynn, London 
Hi looking to work on my goals I would like to volunteer for coaching with a trainee life coach to hold me accountable. Prefer telephone coaching. Happy …

CLIENT: Trinity, Nebraska, USA 
I am a single woman looking to build better self confidence

CLIENT: Sam, Falmouth  
Hello, I really need some help with my goals and wants in life. I am financially not very well off at the moment and struggle to focus even admit to myself …

CLIENT, Coley, Bristol 
I've not worked for many years want to rebuild confidence self esteem, and get into some training to find where life can go open doors

CLIENT: Lola, Netherlands  
I’m a woman, an expat, in an ethical non monogamous relationship, with a stressful career and barely no friends. A chatty person who needs to let things …

CLIENT: Andres, El Salvador 
HI! I am a 37 years old and I would like to be a volunteer practice client. I have my detaileg SMART goals and need some help reviewing and sticking to …

CLIENT: Dawn, London 
I would love to have a life coach that could help me unlock my potential and hold me accountable to the goals I am seeking to achieve. My goals are related …

CLIENT: Eva, Brighton UK 
Hello, I am planning to move abroad and I need help to schedule the steps to make that happen. Some advice and motivation triggers are also welcomed. Thank …

Client: JH, UK 
I feel I can’t move forward with my career . It has been put on hold because I have accumulated many blockages & barriers to get through . It makes me …

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CLIENT: Nicole, England 
I feel I am way behind in achieving and living my "best life." I'm stuck in a rut in a so-so relationship, no pension, still renting my home, not much …

CLIENT: Teresa, location withheld 
I would love to become a volunteer, and commit with a life coach trainer to achieve my goals. I am taking a course to upgrade my mind set and to have a …

Client: Rohan, West London 
I would like to volunteer for coaching with a trainee life coach.

Client: Georgia, London  
Hello, I am looking for a new career/job, but having difficulty identifying what I want to do. Ideally looking for a career coach. Thank you

CLIENT: Rohan, Acton 
I would like to be a volunteer life coach. I would like the practical side of life coaching as I am doing a course on mentoring and coaching. My name is …

CLIENT: Carol, UK 
Hi my name is Carol and I live in the UK. I am in need of a Life and Business Coach . i am also interested in becoming a Coach specialising in Greif.

Client: Martin, UK 
I struggle with self-doubt/confidence and it's been really holding me back in many aspects of life. Work, relationships and how I present myself have all …

Client: Lisa, London 
Hi, My Name Lisa I'm based in London town. I wanting to get in touch as I certainly feel like I need a coach, mentor or just someone to talk to about past …

CLIENT: Louisa, Nottingham 
I'd really like to know more about having a life coach as I would really like some help with all aspects.

Client: Anthony, Lauder, Scotland 
Hi, I am looking for a coach that will guide me in all aspects of my life and how to make positive changes.

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