Unleash   Your   Passion   for   People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People

Client: Lisa, London

by Lisa Damaze
(London UK)

Hi, My Name Lisa I'm based in London town. I wanting to get in touch as I certainly feel like I need a coach, mentor or just someone to talk to about past current and future situations in my life. I have been going through many ups and downs. I'm really working on balancing out myself as first me Lisa, Secondly being a mum and thirdly building growth and success in my career goals and with my businesses and mindset. It all seem so stressful at time and needed to find a peace of mind away from negative people place and things that have held me back so much in last year's. My love life brings pain that I don't know how to get away from at time and get very emotional, it seems to always throw me of track or balance with other things around me. My father passed away so suddenly in the summertime and become of the outside reckless demands of others needing my energy for selfish reasons, I felt I couldn't even grieve in peace without being harassed by others. I'm very strong intelligent, proud and somewhat very confident women but sometimes get miss understood by others including family and friends and the public. This makes me feel sad or frustrated when I sit to myself and decide to reason with myself how these things affect my goals, plans, future and dreams and sometimes I feel cursed or plagued with sadness or feeling super stressed and overwhelmed. I'm very ambitious and would like to see more of my plans and dreams make more sense, take better shape and bring in success this year and onwards. I hope I can receive some help and guidance this year, I owe myself that to help heal permanently from the emotional and physical trauma that has been a burn for far too long. I'm ready to take on better experiences and live a happy life to the fullest. I thank all of you in advance for the coaching services you provide and would honestly like to see you all prosper in your own journeys too. With that being said lets help each other make a difference through out personal journeys and I look forward to speaking and coaching with you too. Thank you! Kind regards Lisa

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