Unleash   Your   Passion   for   People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People


Counselling or Life Coaching?

Are you passionate about human motivation and working with people to improve their lives?

Both disciplines offer careers that would likely appeal to you. But there are some fundamental differences you should be aware of..

At New Insights, we don't offer courses in counselling. But we do provide world class training for what we believe is a truly exciting alternative ...


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If you have an interest in becoming a counsellor, you're clearly someone who feels passionate about working with, and helping other people, to improve their lives.

Have you thought that you may be ideally suited to an amazingly fulfilling career in life coaching?

When it comes to weighing up whether to choose a career in counselling or life coaching it can be useful to contrast the two disciplines.

Here is a very brief summary of the key differences between counselling and life coaching:



Counselling session

Commonly refers to the people they help as 'patients'.

Helps patients deal with issues affecting their mental health or mental well-being.

Helps patients resolve issues, problems or traumas related to their past.

Offers advice, support and therapy or therapeutic processes to resolve or lessen the trauma.

Encourages patients to vent, discuss, and hopefully release, deeply held emotions and feelings.

Ultimate goal is to help a patient bring closure to a past trauma, addiction, or issue that is affecting them and their ability to lead a 'normal' life.


Coaching session

Commonly refers to the people they help as 'clients'.

Helps mentally well clients to accomplish more of what they want from life.

Helps clients to build brighter, better futures by grounding them in the present.

Helps clients to access their own inner power using various empowering tools and techniques.

Encourages clients to share their dreams and construct meaningful goals and action plans to achieve them.

Ultimate goal is to help a client find his or her life purpose and live in a way that is fully aligned with that purpose. This leads to a happier, more meaningful life.

Click here for an explanatory piece by Tony Robbins


Whereas counselling is largely 'problem-resolution' orientated, life coaching is more 'personal-transformation' oriented.

Whereas counselling can often be difficult, mentally fatiguing and even emotionally distressing for the practitioner, life coaching is generally inspiring, uplifting and fulfilling for both the coach and client..

Becoming a life coach – if you choose comprehensive and reputable training such as that offered by New Insights – will involve a journey of substantial personal growth and development. 


Magnifying glass

We hope you have found this brief comparison helpful in deciding whether counselling or life coaching would be the best for you.

If it has encouraged you to  learn more about pursuing a career in life coaching then you're in exactly the right place.

We have devoted a page on this website o explaining what life coaching is and what life coaches do.

If you're curious about the comprehensive training we offer to help you become a professional life coach, please visit the page on our website where you can learn more about our acclaimed and internationally accredited Life Coach Certification Training Programme.

Alternatively, if you'd like to read more in your own time, why not request to download our two 30-page life coaching ebooks that aim to answer all your questions about life coaching, and training with New Insights to become a life coach, There's no charge, all we ask is that you join our mailing list.

life coaching ebooksNew Insights offers two complimentary and informative 30-page ebooks that aim to answer all your questions about life coaching and training to become a life coach.
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Our Blog (and associated Podcast) New Insights On Life, contains hundreds of articles that focus on aspects of life coaching and human motivation.

If you are considering counselling or life coaching as a career and want to explore the world of life coaching a little further, we recommend the post titled Life Coaching and Misperceptions Explained.

You can read it in detail on the Blog (or listen to the Podcast ... but here's an extract to whet your appetite:

"Ask any life coach what they do and the chances are high that the word change will crop up in the description they choose to share.

At New Insights we like to think of life coaches as agents for change. Helping people bring about the changes that they desire in their lives goes to the heart of life coaching.

As a life coaching industry I feel we’ve done a pretty poor job of communicating what we’re really about. Compounding the problem is the very term that describes our business – ‘life coaching’. It’s so broad that laypeople end up interpreting the meaning in many – often inaccurate – ways.

Common misperceptions

The most common misperception is that the primary role of life coaches is to solve people’s problems, or at least provide wisdom, advice and guidance to help solve peoples’ problems.

On a similar theme, many believe that life coaching is just a newfangled term for mentoring.

Another common misunderstanding is that life coaching is a progressive (some would even say new age) form of counselling or therapy.

Yet another perception is that life coaches deal in success – that people with deep pockets hire life coaches to help them polish their personal brands, promote their images and deepen their pockets further."

Continued on the Blog ...

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