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The 5th generation of the New Insights Life Coach Certification Training Programme is bang up to date and includes absolutely everything you need to deliver the kind of results for your clients that will truly set you apart as a  life coach.

Please take a few minutes to watch the video that follows. Then scroll down for a brief overview and lots more detail about this acclaimed Life Coach Certification Programme:


New Insights was established in 2003 and since then we've never wavered in pursuit of our sole focus – excellence in life coach training!

Many years of experience in the industry have taught us that the key thing that distinguishes successful life coaches from the rest, is ...

... the ability to consistently deliver great results for clients.

And it is this principle is built into the very heart of the training we provide in our life coach certification programme!

We like to say that our training goes above and beyond the rest.

a brief overview OF THE PROGRAMME

Here's a brief overview of the New Insights Life Coach Certification  Training Programme. If what you read here interests you then please 
scroll down below for lots more detail and/or visit our 
Frequently Asked Questions page.

World class training that is home study based. No need to travel anywhere, ever! Extensive programme material is courier delivered to your door shortly after you enrol and is yours to keep as a handy reference for life.

Total flexibility. Enrol and get started whenever it suits you.  Perfect for people in employment or leading busy lives. Study and practise in your own time and at your own pace.

Comprehensive, professional training that will  prepare and equip you fully to coach for reward in just about any life coaching niche you may choose.

Life coach certification training programme involves approximately 300 - 350 hours of study and practice coaching.

Average duration to complete certification varies from 9 to 18 months. We recommend you set a goal of completing within 12 months.

Responsive caring support offerered by email, telephone, our online Forum and other online resources throughout your certification period.

We provide up to a full two full years of certification support included should you need it.

Internationally accepted, accredited and endorsed. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that you can coach with confidence anywhere in the world. Click here for more details.

Excellent value for money. A small investment for a lifetime career! We even offer instalment payment options. Visit the Fees and Payment Options link for more details.

Professional looking certificate issued on completion detailing all of your major achievements.

Programme includes information packed manuals that offer substantial advice and support with planning, promoting and marketing your eventual life coaching practice.

A professional, totally 'done for you' transformational coaching system –  including a step-by-step guide – which you can, optionally, license for use in your professional coaching practice, after certification.


There is certainly no lack of life coaching and life coach certification courses to choose from these days. If you are feeling a little confused then we completely understand!

We'd like to help by offering some simple, honest advice based on  years of experience in training and supporting many hundreds of life coaches in the UK, in South Africa and around the world.

Be the best!

One thing is for sure. Life coaching is a word-of-mouth business!

Either you consistently produce great results for your clients and your practice flourishes ... or your clients are underwhelmed by what you offer and your practice slowly shrivels and dies.

At New Insights we certainly don't want to be associated with mediocrity in coaching. We understand full well that our success is  closely linked with the success of our coaches.

Many years of experience and caring research have gone into our life coach certification training and we honestly believe our programme and associated coaching system is amongst the very best of its kind in the world.

As an added benefit we offer it in a super-convenient home study format. There is no need to travel anywhere, ever!

If you want to be the best life coach you can be and you want Convenience, Affordability and Flexibility,  combined with in-depth Practical experienceStructure and Support, you need look no further than New Insights and our accredited life coach certification training programme.


The New Insights skills training modules

We've left nothing out in our quest to prepare you to be the best life coach you can be.

Our seven skills training modules are written in a non academic, easy-to-apply way and are packed with information, tools, techniques, exercises, examples, quotes, hints, tips and thought provoking insights.

In more than 60 chapters  we cover everything ... 

... from the fundamentals of life coaching, contracting with clients, understanding the change process, human needs, beliefs, values, rules, responsibility, communication and life purpose ... 

... to ending or extending the coaching contract and advice and techniques to propel you towards coaching excellence.

view a BRIEF extract here:

To view an extract from one of the Modules, please click on the image below to open it in convenient full screen Flipbook format. 

(Please remember – this is just a tiny snippet of what's available in the programme)!


The New Insights Life Coaching System

In addition to training you how to conduct free-form life coaching coaching sessions using two of the many generic coaching models that exist, you will also get exposure to our amazing, proprietary 15-session transformational life coaching system

This tried and trusted system comes with the full range of extensive coach, coaching and client notes, a step-by-step guide and – as a bonus – a series of videos showing how sessions are conducted.

Think of it as a life coaching business in a box!

Once certified, you'll have the option to buy an annually renewable licence to use in your own professional coaching practice for just £240p.a (or £20 monthly) which is easily covered by the income you'll receive from a single coaching client signing up for the coaching programme!

view a BRIEF extract here:

To view a brief extract from the Session Notes that make up our Life Coaching System, please click on the image below to open it in convenient full screen Flipbook format. 

(Please remember – this is just a tiny snippet of what you will find in the System)!


The New Insights Life Coach Certification Training Programme includes a variety of online facilities to help enhance your training experience and provide the various resources you need along the way.  For example:

The Forum is a veritable gold mine of information. This where you learn, share and grow together with other trainees and certified coaches, by posting questions and offering  comments and suggestions on all the main topics covered in the training.

Journal@New Insights is a state-of-the-art online journalling platform that you can use to improve your overall self awareness.

Our award winning blog, Life Coaching Insights, contains over 250 insightful articles about human motivation, life coaching and general personal development.


New Insights certified life coach identifier

On completion of our certification requirements you will receive a professional looking certificate detailing your key achievements.

You will also be entitled to display our certified life coach identifier (like the sample shown here) on your website, in your emails and in other marketing material you may produce.

The life coach certification process blends a balanced approach with suitable rigour and includes:

  • A Code of Ethics that you will sign and be bound by
  • Self Test assignments to be completed after each of the seven skills training Modules
  • A theory exam covering all seven Modules
  • Practice coaching (totalling in excess of 50 hours) using the New Insights Life Coaching System with a total of eight volunteers who are required to complete online feedback forms
  • A Self-reflection questionnaire


Business practice support manuals

The New Insights certification training programme goes beyond ensuring that you are really well equipped to coach professionally.

We also offer you assistance with developing a plan for your practice and some sage advice and techniques to sell and promote your coaching services and maintain a thriving  practice into the future.

With our programme you get access to three excellent business practice support manuals, chock full of strategies, templates and advice aimed at giving you and your practice a real competitive edge.


To view an extract from Selling Your Services, one of the three business practice support manuals, please click on the image below to open it in convenient full screen Flipbook format. 

(Please remember – this is just a small taste of what we have produced to help you establish and promote your practice!)


As a trainee life coach you can look forward to attentive and caring support from New Insights throughout and beyond the training experience. 

We go the extra mile to make you feel part of a special group right up to and beyond your graduation as a New Insights certified life coach.


Learn More

By now you should be getting a good idea as to whether  the New Insights life coach certification programme represents the kind of training that you really want to embark on. 

If you like to find out more about different aspects of this Programme, please click on the relevant link below (pages will open in a new window/tab):

Find out more about our Programme accreditations by clicking here.

Want to know what the Programme Fees are and what instalment Payment Options may be available to you? Then click here. here.

For all other questions, such as the following, for example:

  • Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the programme?
  • How long does this programme take?
  • When can I start?
  • Will I need to travel anywhere?
  • How does this differ from an online course?
  • And many more ...

... please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking here.

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