Unleash   Your   Passion   for   People

Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People



Payment Methods Cards/PayPal

Thank you for choosing to pay in full upfront by card/PayPal.

We process card payments through PayPal as it is a faster, safer way to send and receive money in the UK or anywhere in the world. Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to pay by debit or credit card. A guest account can be set up for you

The registration and enrolment process is quick and convenient. Please follow the 3 steps laid out below:

3 step enrolment card arrowsKindly note that we will arrange for dispatch of your training programme material only once you have successfully completed all three steps.

Step 1 T&C Arrow

Our Terms & Conditions (T&C) of Registration and Payment are written in plain English and designed to be straight forward. They are there to protect both you and us. 

The T&C form part of the Agreement you will enter into with New Insights upon enrolling. You will be required to confirm, on the online registration form, that you agree to abide by these T&C.

You can read the T&C online and/or download to read in your own time if you wish. Please click on the button below (will open a new browser window):

Terms & Conditions

Step 2 Reg Form Arrow

Please complete and submit the online registration form that follows.

Be sure to contact us if you experience any difficulty completing this form.

Please complete this online form.

Step 3 Payment Arrow

Click on the 'Go to CheckOut' button below to be taken to our secure shopping cart checkout, managed by 1ShoppingCart (https://www.mcssl.com).

Once there, click on the 'Check-Out' button and you will be asked to enter your billing information and any special requirements. Then click on 'Submit Order' to be taken to PayPal 's website to complete payment securely.

If you have a PayPal account you can then login and use this to pay with.

If you do not have a PayPal account you can either choose to sign up for one, or you can simply proceed to pay by credit or debit card using a guest account.

In an effort to combat fraud, some banks may automatically decline payments above a certain amount that are not set up as regular payments. If you experience this, kindly contact your bank and request authorisation before you attempt payment again.

Go to CheckOut

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