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"One of the most worthwhile investments I have made"

Hi, I'm Flora McEwen Brooks from Seaford in East Sussex.

I have recently completed the New Insights Life Coach Training Programme and can safely say it is one of the most worthwhile investments I have made.  It is an intensive and highly effective course that takes one through the fundamentals of life coaching from the basics to a sophisticated understanding of what great coaches do and how to develop the skills required.

The programme is elegantly structured, providing a template that the aspiring coach can use to promote their own learning as well as their prospective clients'.

With the programme material at hand, along with the online resources and community, I have been able to work at my own pace from home, and now have a comprehensive understanding of the many different skills required to be an effective and successful coach.

It has been a wonderful journey and I feel very grateful for the first class instruction, support and encouragement I have received from the New Insights team along the way!

"My outlook on life has already
changed significantly"

Hi, I’m Matt Stolworthy from Norwich in Norfolk.

Now that I have completed the skills training theory I feel great – my outlook on life has already changed significantly. I feel more confident and inspired to develop myself – this is something that people who know me have commented on. I have felt the changes almost day by day. It’s been so enlightening and fantastic.

I am more aware of my thoughts, experiences and communication with other people. I now find that I am starting to ‘laugh-off’ things that would normally have irritated me and I have felt less stressed.

I am working towards some of my goals and really cannot wait to start helping other people improve their lives as well.

"The thing that has touched me
the most ..."

Becoming aware of how we humans sabotage our growth subconsciously, the power of awareness and making intentional choices in order to live a prosperous life on many levels is definitely the thing that has touched me the most about this Programme.

"I have felt totally supported in my efforts the whole way through the programme"

Hi, I’m Bev Morrisson from Morecambe in Lancashire.

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the New Insights comprehensive training programme.

The knowledge and learnings imparted in the skills training manuals and accompanying DVDs have been absolutely superb and of the highest quality. I have felt totally supported in my efforts the whole way through the programme and the regular feedback I have received has been extremely constructive, encouraging and inspirational.

I feel I have grown tremendously during the last 10 months and that in choosing New Insights, I definitely made the right choice. The opportunity to undertake the practical elements of the course working with the clients is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience and some of the comments and feedback has been amazing.

I can now go forth confidently in the knowledge that I have the skills and attributes required of me to be the best Coach I can be and to help others to create their best lives.

"The course has been enlightening and incredible as far as personal development goes"

Hi, I’m Carole Kay from Muscat in Oman.

As a brand new certified coach I would like to say how much I enjoyed the course.

At the time of enrolling for the course I had every intention of  following through to be a life coach. At this point I now feel that that is unlikely. However, the course has been enlightening and incredible as far as personal development goes. My understanding of how the mind works and what makes people  do what they do has been life changing.

The knowledge I have gained from studying the materials and working with some amazing people has been refreshing and it put me on quite a steep learning curve. This new found knowledge has been informative and  educationally sound and I really enjoyed the experience.

"You will truly feel alive!"

Hi, I'm Matthew Marinus from Johannesburg.

I was in my element reading the New Insights training manuals. Every page is so useful that I found myself saying "Sheesh, I'm gonna read this slowly cause I don't wanna miss a thing here!"

If you truly have a passion for listening to and helping people then you will feel alive throughout the New Insights course.

I have benefited from going to my own New Insights Coach, training as a New Insights Coach as well as helping other people live their dreams through the New Insights Method! I am grateful that I stumbled across their website - it really has changed my life in a very substantial and tangible way!

"The results were amazingly
life changing"

Hi, I’m Chana Yawitz from Jerusalem in Israel.

I am so grateful that I've found New Insights.  After our family's tragedy, I started searching for my life purpose.  

As I have always been passionate about helping other people, I thought about becoming a coach, but people told me that coaching is boring and true client results are scarce.

Then I discovered New Insights.

This is not just a coaching program, it's a LIFE coaching program. The material is so clear, comprehensive, and flowing.  There's no chance of  boredom or goofing off! My practice clients were always anxiously awaiting the next session, and together we experienced the joy in their success at every milestone.

The results were amazingly LIFE-changing ! Not only did my clients become more empowered and passionate, but I, too,  gained a great awareness of my own issues in my own life! I am so grateful that I am able to help others live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Thank you, New Insights, for a dream come true!

"As a coach I feel far more prepared to get out there and help people ..."

Hi, I’m Caroline Ablitt from Skipton, North Yorkshire

New insights has been an incredible company to train under. The support and understanding from Bill and his team has been immense.

I looked into other life coaching programs and New Insights has really put together an incredibly good and clear program which goes into a lot of depth, allowing one a much greater understanding and clarity of the process step by step.

As a coach I feel far more prepared to get out there and help people take control of their lives and their futures positively.
I look forward to an ongoing and supportive relationship with New Insights life coaching. Thank you again for this wonderful opportunity that will allow me to follow my life purpose.

"I really enjoyed the course"

Hi, I’m Ben Calitz from Windhoek in Namibia

I really enjoyed the course. One learns so much about oneself when you help other people formulating and realising their goals.

Despite the fact that life coaching is relatively unknown in Namibia, my practice clients were very pleased with the results they have achieved.

I can really recommend New Insights. Their support and understanding helped me a lot. I use some of the techniques and exercises on a daily basis in my classes.

Thanks Bill and the New Insights team.

"In the space of six months my two practice clients totally turned
their lives around"

Hi, I’m Marie Spenser-Rowland from London

What a ride!

The New Insights programme is incredibly in-depth.  What you learn about yourself, as well as the people that you work with on a coaching level, is mind-blowing.  Who knew people had 'rules'!

I have completed 4 day coaching seminars and courses in which, after those 4 days, you leave being told "you are now a coach" but the truth is, I honestly don't know how I could have coached them in such a way as to get the results that my clients got with this programme.  I think even they were surprised! In the space of six months my two practice clients totally turned their lives around. It blows me away how effective this programme is.

There is still so much that I want to learn and I will continue to study coaching further but I will always, always, always recommend a new coach starts with the New Insights Programme.

“Just Do It!”

Hi, I'm Sharon Frith. I'm an international life coach based in the UK.

If you are thinking of becoming a life coach, THIS is the programme that will give you the necessary step-by-step know how. Literally anyone with a passionate desire to help people can follow the simple system and get the freedom to work whenever and wherever they want.

As my own life coach says, ‘Nike’ – Just do it!

"I strongly recommend the
New Insights course"

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Hi, I’m Eve Waltner from Antwerp in Belgium

Having obtained my certification is the outcome of a most fulfilling study period. When I signed up for New Insights, I didn't know how many new horizons would open up for me.

The program is very well structured, the contents very enriching and thought provoking, the self-tests resuming the important messages to be remembered. The constant support and encouragement I received all along were amazing: Bill has always been there for me, giving immediate answers and help whenever needed.

I strongly recommend the New Insights Course.

"Not only do you say something
but you carry it out!"

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(From Craig Glenn who, for personal reasons, took up the option to return his programme within the 30 day guarantee period for a full refund.)

Thank you. I am amazed at the level of professionalism I have experienced dealing with New Insights. Not only do you say something but indeed carry it out, a quality that one doesn’t find often these days.

May God bless you, your family and your company….

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