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Unleash  Your  Passion  for  People



You can download a copy of these Terms & Conditions by clicking here

Product & Services

The New Insights Life Coaching 101 online course (LC 101) was created by Bill Burridge and is the Intellectual Property of New Insights Life Coaching UK Ltd (New Insights). It consists of:

  • The Product. This is an online course presented on the New Insights Online (NIOL) website using the Learning Management System provided by Moodle.
  • Follow-up Services. These services include email and telephone support, access to the online facilities provided to students on the online platform, the marking of the final exam and the issuance of a course completion certificate.

Satisfaction guarantee

Should You decide, within the first 7 days after enrolling, that, for whatever reason, it does not meet Your needs, You are entitled to cancel Your enrolment and request a full refund of the course fee, or portion of the course fee, that You have paid to New Insights. 

Please read ‘Cancellation process’ below for more details.

Enrolment in this course

You shall be deemed to have registered/enrolled in this course once New Insights Online (NIOL) website login details have been issued to you via the email address You provide on the Registration form. 

Use of the Product and Services

Access to the Product and related Services are made available on an exclusive basis to You, as the registered student, whether or not another person or institution is sponsoring You . You acknowledge that You are responsible for ensuring you have a reliable Internet connection for this purpose.

Product and Services not for transfer or resale

You may not transfer or resell access to the Product or related Services, either in whole or in part, at any time.

Contact details:

New Insights will communicate with You primarily through the medium of email. It is thus important that You inform New Insights of any change to Your email address (and other contact details required and supplied upon registration) as and when it occurs. 

It is Your responsibility to ensure that You receive confirmation from New Insights of any such change.

Self-paced course is Your responsibility

You acknowledge that LC 101 is a self-paced course, meaning that it is solely Your responsibility to complete the course within the time limit allowed for formal recognition of completion (see below), should this be Your intention. 

Completion requirements and assessment

Should you wish to receive formal acknowledgement of successful completion of LC 101, you will be required to complete the assignments,  exam and any other requirements that make up part of the course. 

The sole means of formal assessment is an online exam for which the pass mark is 70%. If You do not obtain a Pass grade at first attempt, You are entitled to a second and final attempt. 

Once all requirements have been successfully met, within the time period allowed (see below), a completion certificate will be issued to You electronically.

Time limit on completion

You must successfully complete the course requirements within a maximum period of six months (180 days) after registering/enrolling for the course. An extension to this period will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, and is subject to application.

Right to change

New Insights has a policy of continuous improvement. We therefore reserve the right to make any changes – to the Product, supporting Services and facilities, and our policies – that we feel may be required from time to time. We endeavour not to make any changes that will adversely affect Your ability to complete the course successfully.

Cancellation process

Should You wish to cancel Your enrolment and qualify for a refund of the amount of the course fee that You have paid, You must communicate this to New Insights via email, within seven days of enrolling.

Any bank charges or fees incurred in refunding You (e.g. for international transfer) will be for Your account.

You can download a copy of these Terms & Conditions by clicking here

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