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TRAINEE: Samantha, London

by Samantha

Hello and welcome!!
My name is Samantha and I am a trainee coach with new insights.
I am extremely grateful you are here.
I have been training with new insights and thoroughly enjoyed my coaching experience. I have gained so much knowledge and experience from this program over the months and am now ready to take on a new practice client!

Do you feel stuck, unsure where you want to go in life? Know you were made for more but let fear or limiting beliefs stop you? This could be for you!

I am offering one person a course of 15 sessions of free life coaching! This is a unique and transformative process and one you will not regret. Please feel free to contact me and we can discuss this further.

I work full time as an education wellbeing practitioner and so will only be able to offer evenings or weekends. UK based.
This is completely free! Yep, that's right! Don't miss out!

I am excited to start your journey with you.

Comments for TRAINEE: Samantha, London

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Nov 30, 2020
Dear Samantha!
by: Eugene

Dear Samantha!

I would be so thankful for your advice.

I'm developing a system which will help to live as productively as possible because we have so little time and so many great things to do!

However, the system might be inefficient in some aspects due to my possible unawareness of fundamental psychology principles.

Also, for several years I'm struggling with bipolar disorder only curable with an algorithmic approach. Respectively, the idea is to build a solid algorithm which will mechanically tell me what to do in certain situations.

Once in several days, I feel very dark and think of killing myself for many hours in a row. I'm barely able to move but continue to obey the system, which helps me not to hate myself as much when the darkness vanishes.

I try to achieve as much as possible in life to have more reasons pulling myself out of the dark phase again.

Please help. Probably together we could make one more step towards beating this beast and, therefore, possibly helping others with the same struggle later on.

Here's my email:
Hope you're available.

Please have a lovely day or evening and thanks for being such a good person. I can also teach you guitar online if you're into it :)


Oct 28, 2020
Stuck in old patterns
by: Mark

Hi Samantha,

Would like to have some of your insights to move forward in life. Stuck with old beliefs of fear and failure that are holding me back from moving forward in life. Always in my comfort zone with work and scared to take the plunged.Hope you can share with me. I'm very grateful that you are offering this and look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Mark


(insert the @ as I'm not sure if ill get spam)

Oct 22, 2020
26 and trying to figure out who I am
by: Hope

This is something I have never done, reached out to a stranger but I’ve spent tonight reading a lot about finding myself again, figuring out how to be me not just a body repeating the same daily tasks and eventually found myself here. I was really drawn to your post, you come across that you are really passionate about helping people and I am the same, although that’s pretty much all I know about myself and would really appreciate the chance to work with you and hopefully have some guidance and support while trying to find myself?

Well that was frightening. I hope I hear from you. My email is if I do hear from you I’ll then pass on my personal email instead.

Oct 16, 2020
Need lifecoaching
by: Anonymous

Hi Samantha,
I really need a life coach as I am stuck in my life please consider me for the free coaching sessions. Thank you

Oct 14, 2020
by: Nimisha

Hello Samantha
If you are still offering I would be so grateful for your guidance and support on self empowerment and life choices , I’m quite flexible on hours

Oct 13, 2020
Need direction/help
by: Katie


I am needing help, direction and clarity on certain aspects of my life.
I would like to take you up on your offer, if you are still offering it. I feel like it would be of great help.
Many thanks.


Sep 29, 2020
Stuck again!
by: Ruth

Hi Samantha,

I have had life coaching before and found it hugely beneficial although that was dome time ago and feel I am in need of it again! Please let me know if you are still available. Many thanks, Ruth

Sep 27, 2020
by: Cherelle

Hi Samantha,

I am in desperate need of clarity and moving forward in my life and would love some help with that if you’re still available.

Many thanks!

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