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TRAINEE: Pip Burns, UK

by Pip Burns

Hi, I’m Pip!

I’ve taken on this journey to become an inspiring Life Coach because our lives matter to each and everyone of us! Living our best life is fundamental to our physical and mental well-being and our fulfilment and happiness of life, and with the right tools and direction, can be available to YOU as well!

I want to make a difference in YOUR life and Empower YOU to make the choices that will guide YOU to live YOUR life on Purpose and really and truly start living your best life!

With the New Insights 15 Session Programme it truly is an inspiring and transformational process you will want to be a part of.

I’m looking for one or two more lucky people to take on this journey with me by volunteering and getting all this coaching for free!

My purpose in life is to:
Inspire YOU to live YOUR life on Purpose, pursuing Fulfilment, Passion and Happiness. Supporting YOU to ELIMINATE Limiting Beliefs, finding YOUR Life Purpose and Empowering YOU to live YOUR Best Life! 😊

Email me at to find out more and begin YOUR own journey!

**The photo is of me and my partner, Tim, living our best life :)**

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Sep 13, 2023
Just registered
by: Emma

Hiya, if you're still looking for volunteers, I'd love to connect !

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