TRAINEE: Aisha, London

by Aisha

Hey Everyone! So I've just completed all 7 Modules of the New Insights Coaching Programme! (Yippee!!!) I am looking for a few volunteers to help me practice my coaching skills and give me some feedback about how they have found their coaching experience with me. I am really looking forward to putting my skills to good use and helping people to focus on themselves and what they really want from their life.

If you're interested in starting your coaching sessions in January 2021 (new year, new you!) then please get in touch with me. We can have a chat about your interest in the process of being coached and then you can make your decision as to whether you would like to complete the whole process, part of the process (first two sessions) or not interested in taking it further. Hope to hear from you soon! :)

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Sep 08, 2021
Volunteer Client
by: Anonymous

Hi Aisha,

If you are still in need of clients I would like to be considered. I would appreciate your help as I would like to be able to focus more on my main goals in life. Particularly in relation to goals and projects I have. I have a lot of projects that are on going and I don't want to give up on any of them but at the same time I want to focus on one or two and actually get them finished.
My contact is

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Aug 13, 2021
by: Sam

Hey there, are you still offering the free coaching? I need a little help moving forward and accountability. If you have the full 15 sessions available, I'd be happy to do full testimonials afterwards for you. Thanks in advance

Jul 26, 2021
Hi! I'm looking for 6 months of coaching.
by: Rocky

Hi Aisha!

Congratulations! If you're still looking for a volunteer client, I'd love to work with you.
I'm at Contact me if you're interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Mar 24, 2021
Are you still looking for clients?
by: Polly

Hi Aisha,

I am excited to be making some life changes and need the support and encouragement from a coach - someone to help set goals and hold me accountable. If you are still looking for candidates athen I would love to hear from you.

All the best, Polly.

Jan 07, 2021
Room for one more
by: Aisha

Hi Susan,

Thanks for getting in touch. I have availability to take on another client for the full 15 sessions so if you're interested in setting up an introductory Zoom to see if I am the right coach for you, please send me an email at:

Hope to hear from you soon.


Jan 06, 2021
Coaching Support Wanted
by: Susan

Hi Aisha,

If you are still looking for clients I am interested in the full 15 sessions option. This is a big year of change and transformation for me and I would like the accountability and support offered by a life coach, to help keep me on track, motivated and progressing towards my goals.

Jan 06, 2021
Stuck but only for now
by: Aisha

Hi Louisa,

Thank you for getting in touch. I can totally empathise with where you are as I have been there too. You need someone to help to take a fresh perspective on your life and to discover what really motivates you and to break down the barriers that you have that are preventing you from feeling happy and content with your life. I would love to talk with you more about how I could help and whether you feel that I would be the right coach for you. If you're interested, send me an email: and we can set up a time to meet virtually.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Jan 05, 2021
by: Louisa

Hi Aisha,

I’m not sure anyone can help me but I’m reaching out hoping someone, hopefully you, can. I don’t really know where to start or what to say but the best way I can describe how I feel is stuck, and in a haze. I’m 34 years old. I live day by day with no motivation or ambition but I do want that to stop and change. I self sabotage and struggle with self care, but do want to try stop doing that so I can start feeling happy and living life again instead of just existing.


Dec 25, 2020
You are in the right place
by: Aisha

Hey Sian,

First of all, happy Xmas and hope that you are having a lovely festive period so far 😊 Happy to help talk through how coaching could help you and what areas of your life you want to make better in 2021. My email address is so please get in touch if you're interested.


Dec 22, 2020
Help Required Please........
by: Sian

I'm looking for a life coaching programme in aspects of my life. Professional, personal and health management.

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