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CLIENT: Zakiyah, North England

by Zakiyah
(North England)

Hi Hope you’re doing ok. Im looking for a Female life coach, who is empathetic , kind & understanding.

im up for doing any of the options, maybe we can have 1 session to see if we would be a good fit then proceed with the full 13-15 sessions if possible. This is completely upto you & i understand whatever you decide

The past year has been extremely difficult financially, mentally, emotionally, and in all aspects of life due to the lockdown. Already existing anxiety depression which is extremely difficult and hard, however lockdown heightened this massively.

The things i want to work on are:

• letting go of/decreasing anxiety, negative beliefs from past, . Negative criticism/judgement, learning how to handle it directly/indirectly would be amazing,

• career progression: Getting into counselling, reach a good potential, by gaining more confidence, have more belief in self abilities. Working on confidence in jobs& work.

• How to be my authentic self no matter what & not pleasing people, whether the reaction is good or bad.

• Self care/burnout: self care is non existent , burnout is high, ,, hopefully by working together we can uncover false beliefs, break them down, and Find more empowering beliefs as alternative. Come up with some routine ideas for the day.

Thank you for reading, I hope we can work together, and even if we can’t achieve the goals set, even if there is a little improvement in life, then that itself is a goal achieved.

Best wishes look forward to hearing back :)

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