Client: Nora, Berkhamsted

by Nora

Lost one parent at an early age and abandoned and neglected by the other. Abused by family members growing up, suffering enough trauma to have shaped my behaviours that are not helpful to me whatsoever. I have such a need to be heard, for my pain and experience of abuse at the hands of well-respected members of the community to be acknowledged, that I end up losing friends. It just comes out without control. I feel so lost and alone, constantly bullied - something in me seems to attract toxic behaviours as a magnetic. I feel like I don’t exist except to endure pain. I feel helpless and unable to move on, trapped in a cycle.
In my mid fourties’, unmarried, no friends, no one to experience life or even just a coffee with.

I need to help. Looking for help in the form of: A full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions, typically run over a period of 6-7 month (as listed above)

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