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CLIENT: Jon, London UK

by Jon
(London, UK)


last year I undertook 3 or 4 of the free life coaching sessions with a trainee, but unfortunately due to ill health I had to stop until now, now that I have fully recovered

This passed year has been one of great personal difficulty for me, overcoming the breakdown of a significant relationship in my life, followed by my ill health. I have found in the last year that I have lost a great deal of the confidence I once had in myself, especially with regards to the way in which I prioritise myself and in how I am able to both deal with current personal relationships with friends etc, but also in how I foster new opportunities with people, how I push myself towards meeting new people, how to prevent myself from avoiding taking chances or taking risks on order to improve my life to something like I was before, and even exceed where I once was.

I have undertaken therapy over the last 12 months which has taught me alot about myself and had a great impact. However, I also recognise now that the support of a coach in helping me to set future goals and plans, strategize moving forwards towards achievable and transformational/life changing goals is paramount for me to take the next steps and really transform myself again. Somehow to hold me accountable in the early stages, but also to re-instil in me the ability and knowledge to hold myself accountable increasingly over time would be of enormous benefit to me. The few sessions I had last time were of great benefit, and I can see how restarting and being able to see through such a programme is exactly what i need to transform myself and my life. I would appreciate the help of a trainee coach who is looking to work with someone open minded and very focussed to make real change in my life

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