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CLIENT: Erica, Warwick, UK

I have recently turned 50 and I feel stuck in many aspects of my life.

At the age of 30 I felt as though I was embarking on a good career with doors opening within social care services. I made the decision 7 years ago to return to University and gained my social work qualification. I enjoyed it and stayed and gained an MA and I am now part way through a PHD. I work part time as a social worker.

Both things are currently not bringing a lot of joy in my life, I remain largely committed to my PHD with some caveats. I keep applying for jobs in areas of work that excite me and getting nowhere. I have another 20 years of work+ and I feel I need to be spending that time doing work that engages my heart, head and soul and I want some help to get there.

I am probably a fairly unconventional 50 year old woman, I am gay and perhaps neurodiverse. I want and need to change my life.

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