CLIENT: Deborah, Woking

by Deborah

I am a 53 year old divorcee women who needs some help turning her life around. Ideally, I am looking for a full life-transforming programme of 13-15 sessions over a period of 6-7 months.

I would like some help gaining the courage to find a new husband or boyfriend.

I've been unemployed over the last year owing to the fact that my CV is a mess (caused by too many temporary jobs). I need some help getting a new job which pays some decent money. I have now applied for over 1,000 jobs without success. I am scared of getting back into the rut of temping and low paid work which doesn't lead to anything substantial.

I am currently overweight at the moment and need some motivation to achieve some weight and fitness goals.

In terms of my looks, I feel as if my looks are fading. I don't like the image in front of me in the mirror.

Owing to a lack of job, I don't like my wardrobe of clothes or makeup and this is making me feel insecure. I don't really have any money to update my image.

My council flat feels unfinished in terms of furniture and decor and it isn't really a good place to take friends or family. I currently can't afford to purchase a new cooker and I need a new carpet and curtains which I can't afford.

I don't have many friends or contacts and its important to me that I have more of a network of people who love me.

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