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CLIENT: Daniela, England

by Daniela

Hi there, I'm 27 years old and I'm looking to work with a trainee life coach in order to achieve personal career and financial goals. I'm a creative individual that needs constant objectives in life in order to function. I need stimulation, challenge and to feel great.

For years I had my daily job or school and at the same time I managed an online community that I created, of people that suffered with depression and helped others feeling the same way, through compassion and understanding. It was a project that was very close to my heart, that I created from scratch (I'm a programmer) and that was active for almost 10 years.

I ended the project due to the obstacles and difficulties of managing the community plus having the energy for my daily job. And even though it was the right decision, I feel like I've lost my big personal objective.

I'd like guidance on how to move forward, explore a new side project and capitalize on it in a healthy and good way in order to achieve financial independence. There are several things I'm passionate about and I have the energy and strength to work on them, just need the guidance and insight.

I'm interested in trying out two sessions and, if it's good, to do the full 13-15 sessions.
A fully online experience is fine by me, ideally with no camera so I can feel more relaxed.
Thank you for reading!

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